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  1. Boomer434

    Cnas view of Cna/students

    I've been a Cna for 2 years. Currently I work as a Cna in a ltc facility as well as a pct in a hospital. I was generally well treated by my peers. I'm also a rn student with three semesters to go. I noticed that once I started nursing school in January my Cna coworkers started being almost disrespectful to me. Nurses at both facilities have been great and have been showing me different things to help with school. I haven't done anything different to my fellow cnas and I in no way view myself as a nurse yet. Any ideas on what I should do?
  2. Boomer434

    Unique Cna

    I forgot to mention he is an rn student
  3. Boomer434

    Unique Cna

    I'm a fairly new RN at a hospital and recently I've had to work with a male Cna who is also new. After working with him for I've noticed one thing. He has a massive insecurity complex about his position. I don't understand because he's a year into his program and extremely intelligent. He actually knows more at the level he's at then some of the actual nurses and I'm not sure how. Is there anyway to get this chip off his shoulder? I hear him tell pts all the time when they ask if he's their nurse "no I'm just an aide". Sometimes " nope..I'm just a lowly aide" . is this normal?