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  1. missnurse792

    Visa Screen Certificate USA and NY License

    It takes about 1-2 weeks to see your license number posted .
  2. missnurse792

    Any nurse recruiters in nyc for job assistance ?

    Honestly speaking you should've just scrolled past this post ..... And last but not least I received many inboxes with recruiters numbers . In which I spoke to them and they all offered to help me . So all this talking your doing is unnecessary . On that note I'm done entertaining you 😀
  3. missnurse792

    Any nurse recruiters in nyc for job assistance ?

    Your clearly the only one asking for money lol . I'm okay I don't need your services . Thank you anyways :)
  4. missnurse792

    Any nurse recruiters in nyc for job assistance ?

    I didn't think it would cost me anything honestly . I thought people on this site help each other out for the most part .
  5. I'm a new graduate RN seeking a position in NYC. If anyone knows a nurse recruiter in the NYC area that is willing to help with job assistance please inbox me . Thank you
  6. missnurse792

    White glove staffing new grad?

    You can also look into towne nursing . Going to that agency tomorrow .
  7. missnurse792

    White glove staffing new grad?

    Wow Lincoln hospital works through white glove ? Never knew that . But all I know is that the pay is low and many people complained about the agency online . I'm a new grad as well and I'm still job hunting :/
  8. missnurse792

    Just finished nclex/cut off at 75 questions

    All you can do is wait now . No one ever feels confident after taking the exam . I hope that you passed !
  9. missnurse792

    NY Methodist Hospital 1199 or NYSNA

    Did u have an interview there ?
  10. missnurse792

    Re: New Grad orientation at New York Methodist

    It's just a typing test . It's nothing crazy . They just want to know if your computer literate and able to type in information correctly . When is for interview ?
  11. missnurse792

    Where are the jobs???

    I wish I had a friend like you ! I'm searching for a job now :/
  12. missnurse792

    uworld percentages?

    Uworld is way harder than nclex but it helps to prepare you for the NCLEX. And also the Uworld rationales are extremely helpful !
  13. missnurse792

    uworld percentages?

    Uworld is indeed very helpful .
  14. I graduated from LIU this past May with my BSN. The only time you have to get a 100 on the med math is the last semester . And they give you a few chances to get it . Practicing med math questions definitely helps. And of course you have a mad math course which is actually really helpful . I'm not that great in math either but practice makes perfect .
  15. missnurse792

    Upstate Jobs

    I would be interested !!! Thank you
  16. missnurse792


    Definitely review the Ati for content but also invest in a Saunders book if you can , I think that may be very beneficial . And yes uworld is way harder than the actual nclex , but I enjoyed the challenge lol .