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Going to try and keep this short. Left high school and joined the military for a bit then got out and wandered through various career fields with no purpose. After a lay off I took a CNA course just to find a stable job. Found out I love working in the medical field! In a way it reminds me of the military, doing something with a purpose and for greater good. Anyway, my ultimate goal is DNP, maybe even PhD in nursing. That'll be awhile, but I'm planning ahead.

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  1. MongoSmash

    Need help!

    Oh ok. Sounds like your schools may do it a little different. Here I can go take my ADN at the community college. It still requires a number of pre-req's, all of which would transfer to a BSN program if I were accepted. May have to take a couple more classes prior to the BSN (which is my current situation) but anything pre-req's I take for the BSN woud also transfer to the community college if I end up having to go that route due to non-acceptance. But we don't really have the pre-licensure set up like your talking about. For example at the 4-year college I am attending there is a core class setup that is common to all degrees. Then there are some classes that are specific to prepare you for your degree program. But only one of those is an actual nursing type class. Which is a healthcare professionalism class. The other classes could be applied to any biology major if I chose to go that route instead or they could be applied to the ADN program.
  2. MongoSmash

    ER Experience - I'm A Wee Bit Upset

    This right here is the answer to your situation. Most likely you will do fine as a nurse. I'm the sort that can turn of emotions when I need to, but if it were my wife or one of the kids as a patient you bet I would be emotionally stressed and not dealing with it like any other patient.
  3. MongoSmash

    Need help!

    Look into hiring rates for ADN in your area. If you can find a job then that may be a solution so that you can at least get on your feet. After that you may be able to find a bridge program from ADN-BSN or even straight to a Masters. You can use the rest of your financial aid and stretch as far as possible. Most pre-req classes don't really expire. Some of the sciences do but they are typically good for 5-10 years. You just have to check with the program about that. Are you using the GI Bill? I know they send out the letter stating how many months left and all, but some schools can help you stretch this out by only submitting certain classes. If you qualify for a grant or loan that may help you make up the rest. Also if you are a veteran, find out if any of your training will apply to anything. You should at least get PE type credits.
  4. Not an option for me due to distance. I'll be commuting from home and moving is not an option. Once I finish ally pre-req's I'll be applying to both MC and UMMC. Maybe between the two I'll get in without being wait listed.
  5. MongoSmash

    Air Force or Army for Nursing?

    I wasn't in the medical field while I was in the Army, but from what I have seen the Air Force has better equipment. Tends to be more of a traditional hospital setup while the Army focuses more on taking care of soldiers in the field. But take that with a grain of salt. Other folks that served in other areas may have a completely different experience. I would go talk to recruiters and see who gives you the better deal. Not sure what programs are currently in place but you may qualify for some sort of tuition reimbursement and likely even what the Army calls the green to gold program. This allows you to come in as an officer depending on what all classes you've taken. Not to sure on all the details. I'm sure the Air Force has something similar.
  6. Anybody?
  7. MongoSmash

    Anyone attend Mississippi College?

    I posted this in the pre- nursing student area but thought I might get more responses here. I may have the opportunity to attend Mississippi College and was just wondering about their nursing program, such as how competitive the application process is and if it is even a decent program. I know they have an excellent pre-med program but have been able to find very little info on the nursing program outside of what is on the school website. I'm also planning on applying to UMMC once I finish my pre-req's. So any info on that school would be appreciated also. Hopefully between the two I will be accepted the first go round. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey all. I may have the opportunity to attend Mississippi College and was just wondering about their nursing program, such as how competitive the application process is and if it is even a decent program. I know they have an excellent pre-med program but have been able to find very little info on the nursing program outside of what is on the school website. Thanks in advance.
  9. MongoSmash

    Is this right?

    If it is a community college make sure your advisor/ counselor is associated or at least familiar with the nursing program and its prerequisites. Our local CC has several campuses located across the region. Our local campus counselors have no idea what is required for the nursing program. I have known a couple of people taking all the wrong classes and not find out till a semester or even 2 later. One guy this happened to was in his 50's. Never been to college at all and it was a full year before he found out nearly all the classes he had taken would not go towards pre-req's for the ADN program. Edit: just re read the OP and saw it is for a BSN program. The above probably won't apply at all. 4 year colleges are a lot different than CC.
  10. MongoSmash

    Comfortable living?

    Also, when your lease is up shop around for better rent. Lots of time you can find houses and such that are cheaper than apartments. We are in a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house with 5 acres and my rent is only $500/ month.
  11. MongoSmash

    Comfortable living?

    You've been given some good advice. As a fellow Mississippian, I can't imagine you needing half of what your budgeting for miscellaneous expenses unless you just plan on partying every single night. I'm not an RN yet but most of the ones I know live fairly comfortable.
  12. MongoSmash

    How do I prep for NOC?

    I work 7p-7a also. I do like Mirandaaa and stay up when I don't have to go in that night so that I can spend time with my family. Sometimes I do end up taking a short nap. As for adjusting she also gave good advice. If you don't like coffee, get some Vit B12 or B complex. It'll give you the energy you need without feeling so slumped, the downside being if you start taking it regular and forget you are going to feel a bit tired. Mt. Dew is also my friend. It also helps to keep the bedroom as dark as possible and keep the temp comfortable. We had to put in a window A/C unit since I get so hot when I sleep. Since doing that and getting darker curtains I sleep much better through the day. While you're at work if you start feeling tired and you have nothing going on just start walking around, check on folks or something. Hard to fall asleep if you keep moving. The hardest part for me was the drive home for the first few days. Helped to roll down the windows and turn the radio up. Hope all goes well for you.
  13. MongoSmash

    How to deal with rude coworkers

    It's just something you're going to have to learn to deal with unfortunately. I've been a CNA for 2 years now and really it sound like this woman needs an attitude adjustment. I work with a couple like that. They would rather the patient sit in urine and bm until bath time (which may be 2 hours away) instead of doing a quick clean up and grabbing a new gown later. As for the urine in the bedpan since you had no access to the chart I can understand you not messing with it. Makes sense. I've dealt with nurses that will go check on their patient, check the container and write down the measurement then come out and ask me to empty it. I mean really? You can't just pour it out, you just picked it up and recorded the amount and you can't take an extra 2 seconds to dump it in the toilet? Now that ticks me off. But back to the point, I have learned that working in this field does require a bit of thick skin, and if you can't kill folks like that with kindness then it's best just to ignore them outside of purely professional contact.
  14. MongoSmash

    A&P.......I need some opinions

    This right here. If you really do want to retake the class even with a B, this will give you your best shot at an A next time around.
  15. MongoSmash

    Working as a CNA/PCA do you feel able to make a living?

    LPN's around here don't even make that. What's your cost of living like though?
  16. MongoSmash

    Working as a CNA/PCA do you feel able to make a living?

    It's doable but tough. And it depends on where you live. My wife is a stay at home mom, home schools our 3 kids so we just have my paycheck. We have to make cuts and you definitely can't play the "keeping up with the Jones's" game. It'll be better once I finally finish nursing school though. I do have to say that we are blessed to have a place with low rent though. Our landlord is a friend and could easily get twice what we are paying in rent, so that will be a factor also. But with here LPN pay and your CNA pay it shouldn't be all that bad I would think. Edit to add: It may also help to look at several facilities. I work at an LTAC and they have the highest CNA pay rate in the area. I make as much as a new LPN at the local hospital.