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  1. I am currently a med/surg nurse and just very burnt out of floor nursing. I have a 5 month old and have absolutely fallen in love with learning about breastfeeding and helping my friends who have had children. I had the most incredible experiences with my lactation consultants. I'm looking into becoming a IBCLC but have a few questions: 1) Is the pay that different than being a floor nurse? 2) What is the worst part of being a IBCLC/ your day? 3) Is getting mentorship hours difficult? 4) Do you enjoy your job? Is it very different than floor nursing even if you work in a hospital?
  2. Peachy Em

    Leaving bedside after pandemic

    I'm a med-surg PRN float nurse. I've been in this position for about 2 months now, prior I was a med surg full time staff nurse for 1.5 years. Due to covid-19 the floats are being used for tier nursing in the ICU or put on the Covid unit. I hate my job and I don't enjoy being a bedside nurse. I knew bedside nursing wasnt for me but it's been even more evident during all this. I feel expendable, worried and underappreciated. I want to leave but dont plan on doing so in a pandemic. How long and how many job changes til you found your niche because that's my goal after this crap is over.
  3. Peachy Em

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I'm definitely considering quitting. I just went PRN float but 9 times out of 10 I end up on our Covid unit. I have an asthmatic husband and a four month old at home. I feel such guilt about considering quitting but my husband always reminds me how much guilt I'd feel if I got our baby sick. I'm working the minimum of my PRN contract and realizing how much I hate the uncertainty of working in the hospital and how disposable I am.
  4. Peachy Em

    RN to FNP with BS in Biology

    I'm seeking advice from anyone else in my situation. I have my ADN and am a practicing nurse and will have a year under my belt in July. I also have a Bachelor's in Biology and my end goal is to be a FNP. Is it better to get my BSN first or go through a program that allows RN to FNP? I've seen both programs and am confused on what would be the best route since I already have a Bachelor's in another field. Thanks!
  5. Peachy Em

    Nurse tech position?

    How long does it take for the employer to decide if they're going to give you the job? I've been dealing with a recruiter and ultimately my interview was rescehduled 4x and the day of my actual interview with the hiring manager they didnt even have me down for the right time. Thankfully the lady met with me anyway and ended our time together with, "Im pretty confident we're going to give you the job." ...well it's been 2 weeks now and Im still waiting for a response. I followed up a week after and she informed me that she was speaking to the DON about the position and it would take a little time. Would it be overkill to follow up a week after my last follow up? ...or do you think Im getting the run around and that's why this process is taking so long? Any help or info about your experience would be very helpful.
  6. Peachy Em

    Georgia Highlands ASN 2016

    Cant wait to meet everyone! :)
  7. Peachy Em

    Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2016

    Denied. Got the email just a few minutes ago. Oh well, I'll try to beef up my application and apply for spring 2017.
  8. Peachy Em

    Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2016

    Everytime I get an email my heart starts pounding. Adding KSU's Gmail to my phone is probably going to kill me.
  9. Peachy Em

    Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2016

    Here's the email that I got today after asking when we'd receive the decision: "You will receive an email to your KSU email address by no later than mid-April. Hopefully, sooner."
  10. Peachy Em

    Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2016

    So more waiting? *sigh*
  11. Peachy Em

    Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2016

    Any news??? I'm going crazy with this waiting.
  12. Peachy Em

    Online Microbiology class

    My bad! I was on my phone when I replied and didn't see that they wanted specifics. The Micro class is 5 credits and is $135 per credit hour plus the $115 resource fee (includes the lab simulator and textbook). They have an 8 week course, a 12 week course and a 16 week course. It is 100% online---the lab, the final--EVERYTHING. All additional info would be on edukan.org. I am currently in the 12 week course and will be done August 7th (SO CLOSE). I have an A. I really enjoy the lab component because it is a simulation to what you'd actually be doing in a real lab. I also work in a microbiology lab and it's spot on to what the lab looks like. If you have any other questions let me know! I've taken two courses through edukan.
  13. Peachy Em

    Online Microbiology class

    Edukan I'm in micro online (done in two weeks) and it's wonderful and I've learned a lot!
  14. Peachy Em

    Waive course?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post. I recently graduated with a Biology major and Psychology minor. I've finished up A&P 1 and am about to start taking Micro. I am looking to apply for BSN or Accelerated BSN programs in GA. I have taken multiple psychology courses and Biology courses. I was wondering if anyone knew of any college that will waive the Sociology course? I took Medical Sociology at my college and I'm really hoping I don't have to shell out more cash to take this course just as a prereq. In addition to Medical Sociology I've taken Developmental Psych, Abnormal Psych, General Psych, Marriage and Family (a Psych/Sociology special topics course), and Psychology of Music. If anyone has any direction for me I'd super appreciate it :)