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  1. Hello, I will be a new clinical instructor for 8 students on a neuro advanced unit next month. My background is cardiac ICU, precepting new grass, and 8 years of PCT experience. I am very excited for this new role, but a bit overwhelmed on trying to develop a game plan of planning out the day and making it a good experience for the student as we are only getting 7 12hr shifts together. This will be there last semester of clinical before they do their preceptorship before graduating. I was hoping someone could share kind of a "schedule" of how you plan your day and direct the students. I have to be present for all med passes, so if you could share how you manage that process or how many you let pass meds each week that would be great. Also curious of how many patients you have them pick up and how that progresses over the next few weeks? We are not suppose to have them follow the primary nurse. Any advice you have I would greatly appreciate, thanks!
  2. missjessicag

    Advice for single mom nurses?

    Hello! I am a new graduate in a CVICU on dayshift, level one hospital. You can already imagine how busy it is, very large unit. I've been working 6 months now. Doing better by the day. Love my job. Love where I work, despite how draining it can be some days. Along with balancing this life I have two small children that just started school for the first time. I am raising them by myself with the help of my parents for watching them. Trying to find balance in life right now is very difficult. Between managing the house, taking care of the kids, finding bonding time, studying for work, and feeding and watering myself occasionally is really starting to take it's toll. Does anyone have tips, advice, etc for managing all this in a better way? I will not switch jobs, I love this and need the experience for at least 3 years to go back to school. I try to cluster my shifts. Doing more than 3 days right now is a bit exhausting with coming home to make dinner and do homework with the kids and get ready for the next day. Usually don't get to bed until 11. Help!
  3. missjessicag

    New Grad deciding between two positions.

    Thank you for your response. The hospital that has the MSICU also has other ICU's, including the one I am currently precepting on at this time. I am also working as an aide within this network right now and having really enjoyed working within this network.
  4. I am just looking to see if anyone has been accepted into the FNP program as a new grad out of nursing school. I would like to find a program and start part time, starting with the "gen eds" of a program while working and gaining experience before actually starting practicum. Thanks!
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    New Grad deciding between two positions.

    Hello, I will be graduating this December with my BSN in nursing. I am currently completing my preceptorship on a cardiac ICU. Care consist of recovering open hearts, thoracotomies, TAVR's, CABG, etc. I have been offered a position in the medical/surgical ICU and have been offered a position in a heart/vascular ICU in a level 1 trauma hospital. I am not familiar with medical/surgical ICU, so any insight would be appreciated. I should note that I do plan to return to school in a few years for ACNP, so I definitely want to feel prepared and get good experience. Both offers are part of nurse residencies that offer great training for the first year. The medical surgical ICU is within the same network I currently work in and love the environment, but it is not a level one hospital if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
  6. I just graduated from a community college with my Associate of Science Transfer degree and will be applying for a bachelors nursing program at Wright State. My overall GPA with my degree right now is 3.39. My GPA for the prereq courses for the program is 3.48. I received a D in my humanities class that is not part of the prereq courses thank goodness, but still does not look very good at all. Unfortunately, identifying types of music and art was not one of my strong points... Is my current GPA good enough to get in to nursing school? Is it good enough to get into Wright State? TIA for opinions/advice!