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  1. AngelusLapsus

    New nurse in LTC... advice?!

    Hello all! I am a fairly new nurse (have been working for 10 months on a psychiatric unit), and am currently looking to apply for a nursing position at a long term care home where the average staff-to-resident ratio is 1:25. I am used to having a 1:5-8 patient ratio and was wondering what advice you nurses might have in terms of time management, skills to brush up on, if I should review more common medical conditions etc. The LTC where I live do not have IVs. Mostly the treatments are wound care and maybe the odd catheter care and tube feeding.
  2. AngelusLapsus

    Pros and cons of psych nursing?

    I have read all of the 'ancient' threads on this very topic, but I am curious to see if anybody else has anything new to say about the pros and cons of psych nursing? I am very interested in psychiatric nursing and I find the field fascinating. How often does one work with a violent/aggressive patient? (daily, weekly, monthly?) Is being a psychiatric nurse rewarding and satisfying? Is it an interesting career? How emotionally draining can the work be?
  3. AngelusLapsus

    Passed my Canadian Psychiatric Nursing Exam

    I'm just curious what kind of materials you used to review for the exam?
  4. AngelusLapsus

    Passed my Canadian Psychiatric Nursing Exam

    Congratulations! I am currently in a psychiatric program in Canada and was just wondering what the registration exam is like? Was it hard, easy?
  5. AngelusLapsus

    Brandon University psych nursing

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone here has went to Brandon University for the psychiatric nurse program? Just curious to know what it is all about.