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  1. Nursing Uniforms: From Skirts to Scrubs and Beyond

    Lots of nurses around the world still wear the old uniform, with or without the cap..and with or without pantsuit options
  2. 61 With No Current Nursing Experience

    I enjoyed reading your story, and so glad you came back with a feedback!! So happy for you, you are such an inspiration..
  3. First Teaching Job: Adjunct Faculty

    Oh, so glad you did! Welcome, hope you benefit from it!
  4. First Teaching Job: Adjunct Faculty

    I suggest you join the facebook group "Teachers transforming Nursing education!" Excellent support and all...
  5. Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    JKL33 said it all- I have no children and nurses in all the 4 countries I have worked do lots of compromises for their kids' schedules- we who do not have kids do not judge them- why are people so eager to judge others when they ask for accommodation...
  6. My children made the choice for me

    Good for you. If you can afford financially, absolutely noble decision to take care of yr kids while they are young and needy. Many women do take off to raise young children and return to work at some point later. There is a lot you can do to keep a...
  7. My dad died yesterday

    Hugs to you. Nothing to describe the pain of losing a loved one. It sucks. You were blessed to be able to say your goodbyes. Cherish those memories...and be strong, for now...
  8. CMSRN or CCRN? Both?

    Ooops! My bad. I am only realizing this was about CCRN Vs CMSRN. I was thinking ANCC-not CCRN- which certifies multiple specialties including med-surg. I am considering med-surg certification as soon as I complete my masters, and I am debating betw...
  9. CMSRN or CCRN? Both?

    I think there is some prestige to CCRN...I have no reason for thinking that way except its better known because it certifies multiple specialties. However, I prefer CMSRN because its specific to med-surg and I like its affiliation with the academy o...
  10. BSN is a joke

    Is "Qualitative" a level of evidence, though, or am I misunderstanding this? Qualitative methods have their own place and are not inferior to RCT or other quantitative studies. Rather, they can often work collaboratively to help understand and resolv...
  11. Quote from Truth-be-told This dis-ease knows no bounds. I have seen LPNs turned RNs look down on LPNs more than original RNs have. My motto- know who you are and be happy. Know what you want and get it. Claim what you have and respect what others h...
  12. BSN is a joke

  13. BSN is a joke

    Quite the opposite of my disposition toward my BSN experience...I was a diploma RN for a long time before I did my BSN. I loved it. It made me fall in love with my career for opening up my world-view of nursing and healthcare in general. I learned to...
  14. What is your Nursing Super Power?

    I give painless injections...99.9% of the time everyone who gets an IM or SC from me asks-"are you done?" They say they feel nothing! If you never believed there is something called "a good hand," after 20+ years, 4 countries, 2 continents, same exp...
  15. Word Love; My Writing Journey

    Thanks Brenda, I appreciate your response! Will get in touch via email! Take care.