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yupnv80 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Tele/IMCU.

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  1. yupnv80

    Let me hear your perspective...

    That must have been frustrating. And it doesn’t really matter that the patient has a history of substance abuse. The fact of the matter is the NIHSS wasn’t initially done in the ED...
  2. yupnv80

    Let me hear your perspective...

    What happened between 17:51 - 00:57? There wasn’t an MRI ordered? When the patient arrived to the floor, did they call a stroke alert?
  3. Is it necessary to place a chemo patient on neutropenic precaution despite WBC at normal range. However, patient is febrile and receiving IV antibiotics... I don’t work in oncology floor but there are patients who occasionally get admitted for post op fever after starting chemo
  4. yupnv80

    Always feeling rushed/stressed!

    I disagree with the nurse. If no one’s crashing, you shouldn’t leave your charting near the end of the shift. That being said, this sounds like a typical day in med/surg. I hope things will get better in the future!
  5. yupnv80

    Texas State University Fall 2015

    I'm anxious with the list of things to do and can't wait for classes to start. That being said, does anyone know what was the date you registered for classes? I need to plan ahead with all the due dates.

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