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WinterLilac has 5 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric.

I am a writer and public speaker. My partner and I will be travelling Australia in a few weeks so I will be writing articles as well as working as a Registered Nurse. I love diversity, acceptance and exploration of all aspects of nursing.

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  1. WinterLilac

    Advice please? I feel like I made a huge mistake...

    It would be great if you could sort out your days off so you have at least a couple days to spend together. We sacrifice so much for work and at the end of the day, we are just a number which can be replaced swiftly. I'd recommend trying to change shifts simply for your own happiness and connection with your family. Have you spoken to colleagues to see if they are also trying to find a work/life balance and who may be keen to swap days etc? On a music note, have you heard of Flume? Look him up on Google music, iTunes whatever. He has some awesome chill-out tunes :)
  2. WinterLilac

    Opinions wanted!

    Appreciate your input. It is clearly understood the points about seizures, I will be providing education regarding this.
  3. WinterLilac

    Advice please? I feel like I made a huge mistake...

    That's just it, you know what shift you work well in. Which shift you can provide the best care for your patients as well as keeping a balance in your personal life. I agree with the above poster; pay for childcare, get the evening shifts and damn well enjoy listening to smooth tunes with your wife at 1am. Life is too short. Ask and you shall receive.
  4. WinterLilac

    Opinions wanted!

    So everyone, I've come to you before to get your advice and it's been incredible. You all have different opinions but back them up with rationale, true nurses! I would like your advice/opinion once again. Here goes: Background: I am one of 3 clinical staff working at a non-government mental health service. Just recently, I was asked to create a new activity group which has happened and is going well. At our first group activity, a client who I have worked closely with, exhibited a non-epileptic seizure. Historically, I organised clinical testing for her, received the results and recommendations from the neurologist and treated this client accordingly. She went well and responded to the treatment. She was not epileptic, her 'seizures' were purely psychosomatic. When she has a 'seizure' the recommendation is to pay her little attention when she places herself on the floor and begins the 'seizure'. She has deep-rooted issues which I am closely working with her on. During the 'seizure' I stood near her to ensure her safety but didn't give her the attention she was after. It sounds callous however due to it being behavioural, it works well to remind her it is not appropriate to affect other clients enjoyment of the activity to focus on her. Two colleagues, one who was not even there when she had the 'seizure' attempted to make a complaint against me for reasons they couldn't really specify. My actions were backed up my senior clinical colleagues and it is clear they acted out of jealousy. My question: I will be addressing this issue directly with the two staff members concerned. How would you address it with them? What would you say? I look forward ward to your responses. Again, this client is receiving comprehensive treatment for her non-epileptic seizures and I have a good rapport with her. My actions were not of malice nor disregard.
  5. WinterLilac

    Communication Discrimination

    Thanks for your POV. I see the thread has branched off into languages rather than the initial intent of identifying the way we communicate rather than who speaks what. Accents, particularly strong accents, can make some people initially assume little English is known. I worked at a place where the the two managers spoke Turkish in front of me sometimes dropping my name in the conversation, it is a form of workplace bullying. In australia, it is taboo to speak in another language in front of customer's and you can lodge a complaint with the business. It once happened to me in a shop where two employees were speaking to each other in Tagalog. I asked what they were talking about which surprised them; they answered 'school' then proceeded to speak in English. When in Rome...
  6. WinterLilac

    Please, It's a brief - not a diaper

    Yeah I hate it called a Nappy (what you guys call diapers). We call them pull-up pads or wrap-around pads. Some residents refer to them as a nappy but we don't.
  7. WinterLilac

    Do you think nurses get special treatment?

    My sister-in-law who works as an RN in the emergency department of the local hospital was pulled over for speeding. The police officer who pulled her over had brought a lot of drunken degenerates to the ED the previous weekend so my sister-in-law said "You owe me a favour!" So he let her off.
  8. WinterLilac

    Washing scrubs?

    I carry good quality roll-on deodorant in my bag and apply on breaks. If you need, also carry some wet wipes to freshen your pits then apply a fresh smear of deodorant. It takes minutes in the bathroom for you to feel a lot more confident on the floor. If it's more than you can handle, see your GP; there are options to reduce your sweat secretions.
  9. WinterLilac

    Debilitating anxiety and fear of harm

    I like Alex's response. When in an emergency situation and you feel like panicking, just remember First Aid. In Australia it is DRSABCD: Danger (remove) Response (prompt responses from casualties) Send for help (000 / 911) THEN Airway: maintain or obtain an airway, head back or on the side - get air. Breathing: maintain the airway. CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation): get a pulse by mouth to mouth and chest compressions. Defibrillation: unconscious and not breathing, use an automated external defibrillator which will shock an irregular heartbeat into beating normally. Dont panic. If anything just do basic first aid.
  10. WinterLilac

    Communication Discrimination

    So we know of the 'Restraining factors' (keeping the problem status quo), what would you suggest as 'Driving factors' (changing the status quo)? Im thinking patience, don't assume (assume makes an ass out of u and me!) and speak normally - not too fast and not too slow. In my experience, people are more than happy to let you know how much they understand (if English is a second language) or how we can communicate the best. Thoughts?
  11. WinterLilac

    Communication Discrimination

    Your post is very much appreciated. I will use some of these thoughts. Thank you so much.
  12. WinterLilac

    Dealing with faeces?

    15 years in health care and I STILL hate faeces! I agree with other posters about getting used to it. Not so much getting used to the smell and general disgustingness (word?) but being able to suppress the urge to gag and vomit and think of things like a field of daisies, rainbow unicorns or fairies dancing; anything to distract slightly! I put a small dab of tea-tree oil onto my mask which helped A LOT! Also, as I'm sure you already do, keep focussed that the person you are helping clean up is most probably mortified and so embarrassed so their dignity comes before everything else. If you are making loud gagging noises or can't control your expression, leave the room for a moment.
  13. WinterLilac

    Communication Discrimination

    Thank you so much for your comment, I've taken notes because it resonates so much with what I'm talking about.
  14. WinterLilac

    Communication Discrimination

    Impaired vision, another notable disability which is often overlooked in adequate communication. Have noted to include in my speech. You guys are freaking awesome í ½í± Oh and yes, I agree to use interpreters as a tool not as the patient. Sometimes when using an interpreter, they are spoken to as if they are the recipient while the recipient is left out of the loop. This occurs a LOT doesn't it!
  15. WinterLilac

    Communication Discrimination

    I hadn't thought of hearing issues. Something else I will include. How often this occurs, someone is asked something, the person doesn't hear correctly and instead of ensuring they understand what was said, the consent is assumed implied. Gahhh, that used to make me mad!
  16. WinterLilac

    Go Fund Me for Co-workers?

    This is not a co-worker but someone I used to follow on Instagram. All last year she posted photos of her holidaying twice to Hawaii and one to Las Vegas (we live in Australia so the flights alone are huge and she took THREE holidays in 1 year) THEN she posts a gofundme request for $20'000 for skin removal surgery because she's lost a lot of weight. I couldn't help myself and asked 'Perhaps the 3 holidays to Hawaii and Las Vegas may have covered the cost?'. She's raised $60 in 18 months... I did donate to a GFM where an archeology student with a severe physical disability needed to raise funds to go on an archeological dig with all her equipment (wheelchair, oxygen, support staff). I was so impressed with her determination. She managed to go and had a fantastic time.