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  1. juju0889

    Howard community college Fall 2015 nursing

    Did any of you guys take any type of entrance exam to get into HCC nursing program??? Thanks
  2. juju0889

    Howard community college Fall 2015 nursing

    bcandygurl what enterance did you take to get into HCC nursing progam?
  3. juju0889


    Has attend Frederick community college? Has anyone start there nursing? Anyone can share their experience of nursing?
  4. juju0889

    Anyone attending FCC

    Anyone currently attending Frederick community college ADN progam can anyone tell how good program is?
  5. juju0889

    Nursing school

    How hard is nursing school? What should be excepting once enter the program? Please any tips or advice
  6. juju0889

    Fredrick community college

    Who is currently attending FCC and how good is the nursing progam is? And current and past experinces?
  7. juju0889

    Nursing school in Maryland

    What are good nursing school in maryland? Can give one give any experiences? Im think of good to nursing school in maryland.
  8. juju0889

    I Hate People (my rant)

    I don't think you hate people. Why else do you want help them? You need to work on yourself that all.
  9. juju0889

    How to deal with stereotypes and vicious people

    Keep going for you dreams. Keep God first and he'll get you there😊😊😊
  10. juju0889

    Depressed about a job offer

    If spiritual person you should in God and he'll direct you in the right path. Don't give up on yourself there is a light a every tunnel😊😊😊
  11. juju0889

    No friends at work

    You don't need to be friend people you work with all the time. Trying make friend who appreciate you for you are as a person. You'll be ok😉
  12. juju0889

    Twelve hour shifts. Are you doing 3 or 4 days a week?