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  1. TIPS on getting into nursing school

    That's reasonable. Just wanted to let you know, northwest university in Kirkland takes applicants even past the priority deadline (which was in January I think) on a first come, first serve basis. It's Wayyyy too long a commute from Spokane though. ...
  2. ATI med surg proctored exam?

    No there aren't really any topics that I could suggest to focus on. Maybe brush up on NG tubes and trachs... And a little on the Chem levels like BUN, creatinine, sodium, ect... 1 math question. 2or 3 select all that apply a lot of teach concepts ...
  3. TIPS on getting into nursing school

    I'm confused at to why you didn't get in. I would apply to UW if I were you. They generally take stats like you'd from what I read. Northwest university is pretty easy to get into.
  4. ATI med surg proctored exam?

    I took both earlier this week. I found the med-surg ATI to be more difficult. It did do the practice test which helped some but not much.
  5. Starting nursing school with a 3 year old

    You can totally do it! It it will probably come as a blessing because it gives you a break from the kids for a little. I have a 3 year old, almost 2 year old and a 3 month old. You can do it.
  6. switch from medical school to nursing?

    I wish I wrote my ideas as elegantly as the poster above me, however I still do not regret what I said.
  7. switch from medical school to nursing?

    I wish I had the time to read through all the comments however my 3 month old just fell asleep and I have to start studying (it's 11pm BTW). If it helps at all I am a Christian and believe in the commitment of marriage. However, I need to say that yo...
  8. Can a nursing student transfer schools?

    To be a little more specific, you can transfer schools while doing prerequisites. And like the previous poster said, not all classes might transfer and it could happen that you would need to repeat certain courses. But this isn't as bad as it seems i...
  9. What is passing for your nursing program?

    No way... That's crazy high!
  10. Does Percocet make someone itch?

    Percocet makes me itch, but only very mildly. I would feel it just as the drug hits it's onset time. The itching never really bothered me though, only my face would get itchy and more so my cheeks. I don't know if that helps any. what I really can't ...
  11. What is passing for your nursing program?

    My BSN program requires 80% and a GPA maintained above a 3.0 at all times. An A is 94%+ so basically it's almost impossible to get an A. A B- is like 84%-80% and is 2.8 grade points so we need to stay on top of our game and get above a 85% to keep ou...
  12. Clinical instructor keeps handing out clinical warnings?

    I didn't read the thread because I don't have time to but I don't think it was right. It seems this instructor is primarily working through military/ scare tactic. The school setting should be a safe environment to learn in. Now you weren't killing y...
  13. Why are students stealing my food?!

    Coming from a big family I learned how to defend my food. Now if I were you I would call the little squirt into your office during lunch and lick your food in from of them. Pretend like it's normal. I'm sure they will never touch your food again. T...
  14. LPN or BSN

    ...shoot myth or not I am not going to risk it, I'm getting my BSN I prefer the role of a RN either way.
  15. LPN or BSN

    Phasing out of LPN is not a myth. Some areas might still heavily utilities them but only for so much longer.... Given some more time and they won't be able to hold their own ground anymore. Since the OP is young then it would be advisable NOT to do L...