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Jacob080110 specializes in Oncology.

I am a very new nurse and enjoy truly caring for each and every single one of my patients. I feel that, as a nurse, it is my duty to treat every patient, (that I am lucky enough to care for), with respect. I want every patient I come into contact with to feel special (because they are) and I refuse to give any patient less than optimal care. I am very lucky to be in the position, as a nurse, to help people retain some feelings of dignity when they are at their worst. I am lucky to be intelligent enough to understand that my job is to treat my patients, and their pain, not judge them as "worthy" or "unworthy" of physical, mental, or emotional relief. I hope to always remember that all patients are worthy of simple human compassion.

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  1. The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    Something like that.
  2. The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

  3. sitting with drug seekers.

    I've got less than 6 months of experience working as an RN. I am not speculating that the nurses are lazy, with the information given by the poster, it is easy to assess the situation and come to the (correct) conclusion that the nurses she/he works ...
  4. Why???? Are?? They?? Failing???

    My highest level of education, before college, (and besides a GED I earned on a whim at age 14), was the third grade. I NEVER once struggled with any type of class or came anywhere close to a C throughout my entire college career. I am one of the lea...
  5. Why???? Are?? They?? Failing???

    Out of the 36 students that began the nursing program, at the school I attended, when I did, only 6 of us graduated (on time). Our school had an NCLEX pass rate above the national average but this is only because they did not allow anyone to make it ...
  6. sitting with drug seekers.

    This is how I feel all nurses should aim to handle this kind of situation, but I am a new nurse, so what do I know?
  7. sitting with drug seekers.

    I am a practicing licensed RN now. I guess I did not fix the profile properly. I will work on that now, thank you for pointing out issue. I am also a female and had trouble turning my little picture into a female.
  8. sitting with drug seekers.

    I am a nurse (RN) and somehow manage to get all my work done during my 12 hour shifts, including the MOST important part of my job, which happens to be treating my patients pain and making sure they are as comfortable as possible and are receiving th...
  9. sitting with drug seekers.

    A nurse that believes this!
  10. sitting with drug seekers.

    I do not understand how it is so difficult for some nurses to give the q4 dilaudid right on the dot, it is their freaking job! I do understand that every now and again emergencies happen and a nurse may not be able to get to it right away but if this...
  11. Thinking of dropping Nursing school and doing Pre-Med

    You're right, the MCAT will still need to be taken, and I was wrong about needing a four year degree to be accepted. They prefer 4 year degrees but will take students with 3 years of college coursework. College of Medicine | Admission Procedures
  12. Ulcerated hemangioma

    Propranolol for infantile hemangioma. DermNet NZ This website explains why propranolol is used and how it works, it is very interesting and it may be helpful.
  13. What are client indications and considerations?

    The indications are what the medications are used to treat. An example of the indications would be Celexa: Depression, anxiety, blah, blah, blah. The considerations are things to be considered when a patient is on the medications, like teach patient ...
  14. Thinking of dropping Nursing school and doing Pre-Med

    I think the Medical University of South Carolina will accept a BSN with no other pre-reqs, meaning you can finish your BSN and apply for acceptance to that med school. You should check it out.
  15. Scrub Hats

    Those are great!