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  1. Monkeybaby

    Howard community college Fall 2015 nursing

    Hello, bcandygurl i just finished my first exam in Nur-240 but i didn't get the grades i was expecting but i was able to just pass the exam. I really like Medsurg but my second exam is cardiovascular which appears to be very difficult material. Is their anyway you could help me and give me some guidance on how to prepare for my exam pls
  2. Monkeybaby

    Howard community college Fall 2015 nursing

    Thank you gal, i read all the powerpoints atleast three times but I'm very nervous.
  3. Monkeybaby

    Howard community college Fall 2015 nursing

    I'm in the last semester at HCC, Nurs-240. Everyone is telling me to be happy that, I'm almost done but to be honest, I'm very scared for this particular class because we have 4 exams and they all carry 25%. No addition projects to supplement towards your grades, just in case you mess up on the one of exams. Anyone, who has taken this class before, please please give me some in put. Thank you
  4. Monkeybaby

    Hesi Pediatrics V2

    Hello guys, i really need some serious help with HESI pediatric. It's my final exam at my school ''Hcc'' columbia MD. I have only one chance and this is it. I'm in my second year, one left with medi-surg 2 then graduate but i can barely keep my head above the water. Currently, i need 82% or 820 to just pass this crazy. Anyone please, help