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JourneyToCNM has 4 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Labor & Delivery.

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  1. JourneyToCNM

    CNM Market Saturation???

    https://bhw.HRSA.gov/sites/default/files/bhw/health-workforce-analysis/research/projections/womens-health-report.pdf this should help
  2. JourneyToCNM

    Psych NPs working in hospitals. What are your hours?

    Hi I am not a PMHNP, I am a student in another APRN speciality. However, I came across your thread and I have a suggestion that may help you with your telehealth from home. My preceptor is doing the same and she has dual monitors so she can see the patient on one monitor and the other monitor she live charts on the EMR. It is very efficient. I hope this information helps you through these challenging times.
  3. JourneyToCNM

    Women’s Health DNP Programs??

    Check Frontier University
  4. JourneyToCNM

    Texas tech RN-BSN reviews

    Yes, I attended this school for my RN-BSN. It can be complete in 2 or 3 semesters. The classes are not terribly hard, though you will need adequate time management skills to be successful. This is especially true for the last semester, as the work load increases. Nevertheless, I was able to complete the program while working full time as a RN. Hope this helps.
  5. JourneyToCNM

    Which areas in hospital least physically demanding?

    My mom just retired from direct patient care nursing last year, she's a little older than you. She plans to come back to nursing in a different capacity, leaving the bedside/clinic all together. Are you still wanting to provide patient care, or take on a more administrative role? My mom did the latter when she felt that the bedside was physically too hard on her. She is looking to work for an insurance company (she's a NP) doing chart audits in a year or two. I also know of RNs doing telephone triage for insurance companies as well. Some patient care care areas that I can think of that may be a good fit for an experienced med/surg nurse like yourself: 1) wound care nurse (could be hospital or home health) 2) dialysis clinics 3) PACU 4) PICC line nurse 5) nursery (babies aren't heavy but you may still be busy on your feet a lot.) 6) urgent care center doing triage (some of the ones here are open 9am -9pm, some are 24 hours, it all varies) 7) lactation consultant You could also do a combo of a few things. Such as work PRN 12 hour shifts in your favorite area, and then work part time doing something non demanding such as educator, case manager, etc. these are all things my mom and I discussed for her transition/retirement plan. Hope it helps & best of luck to you in continuing your journey!
  6. JourneyToCNM

    Houston/Gulf Coast HCA StaRN Program Fall 2018

    $27.28/hr. Nights: + $4/hr. Weekends + $1/hr
  7. JourneyToCNM

    San Antonio Schools

    Baptist is way better
  8. JourneyToCNM

    SAC LVN to RN mobility

    Hello, I am a former student for the mobility program. I attended for 3 semesters before withdrawing from their program. It was extremely unorganized. The NCLEX pass rate was very low as well. This was all in 2014, hopefully they have gotten better. I ended up graduating from a different RN program elsewhere in SA. Hope this helps!
  9. JourneyToCNM

    Houston hiring new grad nurses.

    Okay, well these are the major hospital systems: memorial hermann Texas children's Harris health CHI st Luke's Tenet Healthcare HCA Gulf Coast Shriners I recommend search "new graduate RN residency" and applying to those. Majority of the ones that start this summer have been filled, but there are some that are now taking applications for the fall. Do not be afraid to take a nursing home or home health care job in the mean time to hold you over. Best of luck!
  10. JourneyToCNM

    Houston hiring new grad nurses.

    Hey there. It looks like it depends on if you have a BSN or ADN. Majority of the Texas Medical Center hospitals only hire new grad BSN. The suburban ones tend to hire ADNs.
  11. JourneyToCNM

    Baptist School of Health Professions (Fall 2015)

    Did y'all get your appt with the school nurse? I've been having problems getting one scheduled!
  12. JourneyToCNM

    Baptist School of Health Professions (Fall 2015)

    See everyone on Monday!
  13. JourneyToCNM

    Baptist School of Health Professions (Fall 2015)

    Does anyone know what the schedule will be like? Monday - Friday?
  14. JourneyToCNM

    Baptist School of Health Professions (Fall 2015)

    I just got accepted!
  15. JourneyToCNM

    Baptist School of Health Professions (Fall 2015)

    I submitted all materials for the June 15th deadline and I am getting anxious waiting its only been 1 week though so I need to be patient also.., applied for the LVN program for the June 1 deadline and never heard anything back... It's been 3 weeks for that. Maybe this is a good thing because I'm being considered for the RN?
  16. JourneyToCNM

    Baptist School of Health Professions (Fall 2015)

    Congrats! Which day did you apply?