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  1. GotRhythm

    Nursing and the supernatural

    I work in a Peds CVICU, we had one patient about a year ago who was 23 y/o and post-op conduit replacement. For about 3 days she kept telling her nurses she saw the angel of death standing in the corner, she would even talk to him sometimes. Everyday she told us she was going to die but clinically she looked great! We chalked it up to ICU psychosis, but one night she coughed and her chest literally split open. Turned out there was an infection brewing that was slowly eating away at her new conduit and her sternum. When she coughed it split and she died pretty instantly. After that we had a string of patients who ended up dying in that one room... still creeps me out!
  2. GotRhythm

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Phone calls for our group started later than listed and went on for 3 or 4 days. Versant is its own program separate from the hospital, so unfortunately I don't know their timeline. Hiring is based on the the specific staffing needs of each unit, so it changes ever year. If it helps at all for us it was: 1 to 3N (acute care) 2 to 3W (cardiac acute care) 1 to NICU 4 to PICU 4 to CVICU 2 to Post Partum 4 to Heme/Onc 2 to PACU These tend to be the units that consistently take Versants, although PICU is going through a change in management currently so I don't know how many they will take this year. Hope this helps!
  3. GotRhythm

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Hi all - wishing you good luck! I graduated from the LPCH Versant class 4 years ago and am working in the CVICU. It's a great program, I hope I get to see a couple of you on the unit! Sending good vibes your way I'll answer whatever questions I can.