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  1. I'm graduating with my MSN in leadership/education from CSU Sacramento in a few weeks and am looking at options for post-masters FNP programs for Fall 2022. I am looking specifically at CSU San Francisco, CSU Sonoma, and CSU San Marcos. I couldn't find information on post-masters specifically for these programs. Does anyone have any insight into any of these? Thank you 😃
  2. Crhobbs

    CSU Chico BSN Program Fall 2015

    I hope so, too! I feel out of the loop, but I'm glad to know someone else hasn't heard yet. I will post when I do!
  3. Crhobbs

    CSU Chico BSN Program Fall 2015

    Has anyone heard anything today? I am a second bachelor's student also so I feel I'm missing out on the emails (didn't get the one from Friday that some of you got!).