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  1. Leedeedee

    NHS Apprenticeships

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll get a direct response to this from either NMC or NHS England. There is guidance for Nursing Associates trained outside the EU though, so they are considering foreign qualifications to see if they're similar to Nursing Associate standards. Unfortunately I think it'll take someone having their LPN/Enrolled nurse qualifications evaluated to find out if it works. It looks like there's the dreaded OSCE to contend with too. I will keep trying to get an direct answer though. https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/joining-the-register/register-nursing-associate/outside-eu-eea/eligibility-and-qualification-evaluation/
  2. Leedeedee

    NHS Apprenticeships

    I found out today that the NHS are now providing 4 year apprenticeships for RNs, where you work in hospitals, earn a wage and attend university for your BSc Nursing. So pretty much going back to the 70s style training then, except you get a shiny degree at the end. Oh and they've just started registering "Nursing Associates" who have 2 years training with a foundation degree at the end. According to NHS England, they definitely aren't the same as Enrolled Nurses, except they're exactly the same. Talk about reinventing the wheel. I'm trying to find out if foreign trained enrolled/practical nurses can register as Nursing Associates, and will report back if the NMC ever deigns to respond!
  3. Leedeedee

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    It's just insane to me that the rules are so strict here in the US. I get occasional migraines and when I lived in the UK I'd just go to my pharmacy and buy some codeine tablets OTC and take those with acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Worked a treat. Why are Brits trusted to be able to take mild opiates but Americans are somehow unable to be trusted to act responsibly? It's a huge insult to you all.