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  1. Tanya125

    Help! Nclex PN results

    Hi there, I took my nclex PN in California on February 16th. I tested with 205 questions. I haven’t gotten any results yet! I’m freaking out. I did the infamous PVT and got the good pop up (basically doing it every day since) I don’t know what to think, can anyone give me some insight on their experiances about how long it takes in California??
  2. Tanya125

    Has anyone else been in the same situation?

    Any updates?? I tested on 2/16 with all 205 questions! I got the good pop up but still haven’t seen any changes on Breeze. How long did it take for you? I’m in Cali as well.
  3. Tanya125

    help with getting back to study for nclex

    Try Mark Klimek audio and Uworld. I couldn’t afford a refresher course. I graduated 3 years ago, failed the first time. I got discouraged and kept putting it off. I started studying again in December and tested in yesterday! I passed! All I did was the audio and Uworld. About 100 questions a day, when I had time, I did 200 or more.
  4. Tanya125

    those in California....

    Hi there! i just took the NCLEX PN here in California on Saturday 2/16/19, i got the 'good pop up' after talking ALL 205 questions! I'm still very iffy about it. i don't know if its really reliable. unfortunately in California they don't have they 'Quick results' so I'm wondering how long it took for you to get your license number???? please help!!!
  5. Tanya125

    LVN or RN????

    I live in Southern California I do plan on going back to get my BSN once I graduate from the LVN program... Probably the bridge program. I start next month I'm just curious if I should just go straight into the BSN program am I wasting time? Also, What can't LVNs do compared to RN's? Is the schooling as hard as the RN program?
  6. Tanya125

    What's the exact job as an LVN?

    What do they do compare to RN's? What can't they do?
  7. Tanya125

    LVN or RN????

    What exactly is the difference? I'm starting the LVN program in a few weeks and I'm wondering is the LVN program as hard as the RN program? Am I wasting time like should have just applied to the RN program instead?

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