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  1. cockadoodie

    Nurses with children always go home early?

    I don't know where you work, but my having a daughter under 5 NEVER gave me any kind of priority when it came to leaving. Would have been nice, she's an adult now.
  2. cockadoodie

    Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    ok, so you are educated and a with it kinda gal....sooo why do you end up needing an abortion? seriously, if you aren't in the mood to be a mother how DO so many women end up need this service? its an honest question for grown women, not scared high school girls. this is as honest as its going to get, the poor and ignorant aren't the only patients pp sees. I remember seeing a film in school about women giving birth at home in the slums alone, it was so sad and frightening my lady bits crawled back up inside...... I support choices and don't understand why some people end up needing to make a choice in the first place.as far as politics using a womans nether regions as a tool, YASSSSS, MAAM, and there are plenty taking the bait to vote for men who don't care if you drop dead or give birth.
  3. cockadoodie

    Transcription Error Paper MAR

    sigh, when I arrived for an 11-7 shift it was a duty to do chart checks, you pulled every single chart and looked for the days new orders and due tasks seeing that they were being carried out. this saved errors from happening, not perfect but a great help.
  4. cockadoodie

    How much to tell recruiter...?

    it depends on the integrity of the agency hiring you, which without any information you will find out as you work for them. I agree with the above posters, if you have no license issues you will be fine.
  5. cockadoodie

    New Grad LPN Feeling Discouraged

    does anyone remember placing straws between mar pages to keep track of insulins and odd hour stuff? those good ol straws... worked for me!
  6. cockadoodie

    Another reason unions suck!

    This is just great, unions suck, get rid of unions, sure, and the old retired nurses who worked a union job and paid into their pension can lose their pension check and become homeless. The young generation as usual, not bothering to consider the elder. Hows about when you bop into work tomorrow you lay down the law to the nurses close to retirement? Look old lady, screw you, no pension, too bad! These ARE people who collect those pension checks. And oh yes, Ill expect the chapter and verse about finances and the facts on pensions being too expensive....good luck, youngsters, I hope you are FEEDING that 401k every single check, you're going to need the money....
  7. cockadoodie

    Pooping 1st Grader - UG

    Is the child in public school? Where I live this poor kid would have been sent home everytime he soiled himself. The CST would have met right away, if only to save the school from being sued for taking SPED dollars and not providing service. I really hope the kid is getting help. but the whole thing is fishy...if it is true it leaves me sad and angry.
  8. cockadoodie

    Which States Have Nursing Union Jobs?

    not as expensive as not saving enough for retirement and having no pension. maybe you look forward to working til you're 70ish?
  9. cockadoodie

    Another reason unions suck!

    I hope you're feeding a savings or 401k for when you can't work anymore and have NO pension. maybe you can eat your iPhones...
  10. cockadoodie

    The sloppy image of nurses today

    If the doctors I see looked as good as a tv doctor ( esp that young aussie guy from "House")I probably would be too distracted at times, paging good ol Doctor Rumple
  11. cockadoodie

    Should I learn martial arts for psych nursing?

    hahahahahahahaha (sorry)
  12. cockadoodie

    I saw another nurse assault a patient

    report the hillbilly and sleep at night.
  13. cockadoodie

    8/22 What I learned this week....

    I learned that the family member who is hovering and touching and interfering in my work is the mentally ill sister of my sweet, worried patient. Instead of cursing the mentally ill sis I imagined what it would be like to be in that bed watching your sister being her aggravating self, worrying if she will be able to function if I don't make it out of this bed. This straightened my head right out.
  14. cockadoodie

    Best nursing youtube channels?

    NurseDorkFace, thats so sad..no DorkFace and Im sure you have lovely girl like thumbs.
  15. cockadoodie

    Is there any help for this old nurse lost in new age nursing??

    Ltc is the pits at times, 35 plus of all shapes and sizes and their well meaning families swinging from your butt. Didn't you read the OP? suck it up buttercup. nice. congrats on your efforts to evolve, Einstein.

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