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  1. That First Domino

    This is what I'm afraid of, I'm fairly new into my career (6 years) and have spent it all in Hem/Onc. I think I was in denial and had some ups and downs as far as feeling good about my choice and confident in what I was doing, but now have accepted t...
  2. Drive Right On By

    I've been really struggling lately. Currently at work after getting report and wasting time on here before I start. I've been at this hospital my entire nursing career (about 6 years) and within the same specialty, though a couple years ago I got I g...
  3. I still feel this way sometimes even after 5 years of being a nurse. Many of us who are attracted to this work want to provide the best care and hate to disappoint our patients or coworkers. What I've realized over the years is that the workflow of n...
  4. Too strong of a personality?

    I'm very curious as to what they mean by "strong" personality. You say they're not telling you you're rude, but is it possible that they are and are trying to say it in a nice way? I just can't imagine people making an issue of it so many times if th...
  5. Hello! I see and understand a lot of posts expressing anxiety as a new nurse/student, but I've been working as a nurse in my specialty for over 5 years now and have noticed that I am having a lot of anxiety before/at the start of my shifts. Maybe th...
  6. Research patient or see patient first?

    I like to pour over the EMAR, orders, vitals, and labs before I start my day. Yes, that means I usually come in early! When I first started that meant 30 minutes, now that is anywhere between 20 and 5 minutes. If I have no time to do it before gettin...
  7. Funny Things Patients Say

    A few weeks ago I had a patient who had diminished eyesight and was also hard of hearing. We put signs up in each of the patients rooms as reminders to us, patients, family, etc. One says "Condition Help Call ####", the number we use to call a code. ...
  8. Orientation, Time Management & Brain Sheets

    That's too bad I hope you find a new job that you enjoy more.
  9. How to Respond?

    On my unit, there are a couple of nurses (and one in particular) who are really picky about reports. Most people will accept whatever report is given and if I don't have answers to some of their questions, they just say "that's ok I'll look later". S...
  10. Orientation, Time Management & Brain Sheets

    I'm newly orienting to a cardiac/oncology floor, and I completely understand how overwhelmed you feel! We can get up to 6 patients, and people say it's one of the toughest/most fast paced floors in the hospital. I can't imagine having 7 patients on d...
  11. What was your experience with any upmc hospital school of nursing?

    Hi! I've been lurking here for quite a while but decided to make an account in order to answer your questions :) I graduated from Shadyside SON in October 2014. A positive and a negative factor about this school is that it is constantly changing. The...