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  1. A really stupid incident

    Tooooooootally different story in Canada than in the US, which is where all of these previous replies are coming from. OP, if your manager says you're fine then you're fine. Your college is not going to rip away your license because you mistakenly th...
  2. Help me pick a surgery to observe!!

    As a student I got to observe a total knee and total hip. Both were very, very cool to see as a student. They let me scrub in for the knee and hold something in place (I can't remember exactly what) and help close the incision even. I was very lucky ...
  3. Case study need help!

    Do other home health nurses really use "nursing diagnoses"? We learned about them in nursing school, I've been in home health for five years now and haven't used a single one since.
  4. Toxicity worries

    Back in my day (the early 90s) this PSA did all the education we needed:
  5. Downstaffing

    Crap like this is why I'm surprised when folks say they don't want unions. That sounds horrifying and I'd never put up with it in a million years.
  6. Workplace Sayings

    We had a 105-year-old gentleman, functioning just fine at home, kept being referred to home health for chronic disease management by his GP, despite not actually having any chronic diseases. And no, aging is not a chronic disease for the purpose of s...
  7. Who cleans the poo?

    I agree with this. I think there's a big general idea of "it's okay, nursing will do it." Physio not available to walk the patient? Nursing will do it. The phlebotomist is backed up? Nursing will do it. No unit clerk available this afternoon? Nursing...
  8. Success with going back to old career?

    Yeah, if you hate nursing then by all means, get out and go back to accounting. I don't really get how you can be just totally stuck in inpatient psych though. Have you looked at community mental health teams? ACT teams? Intensive case management tea...
  9. Would you say anything?

    I wouldn't mention anything to a stranger unless I was pretty sure they were going to die more or less immediately. Friend or family member I have a lower bar for minding my own business so I might speak up sooner. But generally I try to mind my own ...
  10. Dose BON check school records ?

    I mean, the "way" is for you to go to nursing school and graduate. You will not be allowed to write the NCLEX without information submitted directly by a school to the BON. They will know that you didn't graduate from there. I would suggest that it'...
  11. Child Life Specialist vs Pediatric RN

    This is something I looked into a long time ago around the time I graduated high school. Hands down, RN is the way to go. Far more job security, more flexibility in terms of career (what if one day you wake up and realize you hate kids?!), and way wa...
  12. Question

    I hear you. That sounds completely frustrating. That would be an incredible ethical problem for me.
  13. Question

    I mean, you guys gotta do what you legally gotta do. I get it. Report, have meetings, whatever. But jeez, is that ever the best way possible to ensure nobody ever comes to talk to the school nurse about sex ever again!
  14. She did everything right. She handled the situation as well as she possibly could have. Security did not step in because they almost certainly would have gotten themselves also arrested with charges of assaulting a police officer, if not shot. I hope...
  15. Help with understanding a pain management situation

    My vote is that you did the right thing, 100%. Very little I would've done differently other than maybe push to avoid unnecessary testing (like you mentioned) and I might not have done the BPs, but then, I work in hospice so it's a different setting....