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    How many jobs/units until you found your "niche"

    I worked different types of nursing for 30 years. I know, I should be retiring now right? Well, I still like to help people. I also have had 30 years of the horrible schedules, on-calls, loss of holidays, and my child was raised in day-care. (He is 25 now!) For some of you, I would be considered "old"! I still feel young. But believe me, I have made the rounds in Nursing. Today, I am a Certified Health Coach. I love it, so I guess you can say that I found my niche after 30 years! I like to think however that I was always in the right place at the right time. Remember the story of the starfish? The old man is on the beach and he is throwing starfish that have washed up on the shore back into the ocean. There are hundreds around the feet of the old man. A little boy walks by and asks the old fella, "why are you throwing those back into the ocean when there are so many...what difference is it going to make?" The old man answers while he throws another star fish back into the ocean, "it made a difference to that one." I think sometimes the premise of "finding a niche" is a fallacy and causes us to look our entire careers for the "perfect place." It should be purpose that we look for and a safe place where we can be nurtured just as we nurture our clients. May I add, it is we, the nurses who create the nurturing environment for our fellow colleagues.
  2. Health Coach00

    Is it really worth it... So Miserable!! So Insecure!!

    Dear Nursy 1 RN, I can tell that you are a very conscientious person. You truly want what is best for the patient/client. What you are probably finding out by now is that it is hard to vent your frustrations and even harder to read the comments. Over the last 30 years, I have found that nurses are way too hard on nurses! Most of us have an innate need to be a superwoman of a sort. When we are in school and even now, it doesn't matter how long that one has been in the field, it is drilled into our heads...give....give...give. Some, and I have found that "most" of our colleagues have a deal where they simply want to be the best and they don't want anyone else coming along side them to truly learn and perfect a craft. Also, because we are so strapped in our individual positions, our patience runs very low. I understand the patience thing, but I will never understand not wanting to help another nurse be the very best that she can be, even if it means that she is better than me. I love the statement that you made, "we go through things for a reason." This world needs more nurse advocates. We have so few. You would be a good one. I have found some of the same experiences and also have witnessed more of what you are describing than I would like to recount. You are a blessed soul, as are all nurses! Don't give up. It is not that you are wrong and they are right. It is not that you are in a profession that is wrong for you either. It is that our profession needs a major overhaul and it needs to start with each individual nurse. Consciences don't grow on trees. I think we all have them at some point, but somehow through the scurry of the days, day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out, most of us just get into a survival mode and forget our own life itself. I left Hospice and bedside nursing for Health Coaching. I can still help people and do "well care" rather than sick care. I encourage you to look into it, or something that will nurture you while you nurture others.You will have the ability to fill your need of purpose in helping without the nastiness and demands that the bedside nursing profession sometimes brings. I wish you the very best in your search. Never stop searching for what makes you happy. Life is too short. Health Coach00
  3. Health Coach00

    DON took advantage of me

    I remember when I first started out, the same thing was happening to me. The pay discrepancy was better, but I got what seemed to be the harder work loads. This happened every time I moved from one state to another too. What is really sad to me is that nurses do it to nurses. There is sometimes no sense of fairness. It wasn't until I got more into the hospice environment that I found more autonomy and the ability to make a good wage. When you are working in a SNF it is easy to transition to hospice. Some hospices work inside these facilities. I found if I made a friend on the outside, I was usually welcomed to join their hospice group. Because of my BSN, I was able to manage a set of clients time and time again. With nurses who are really frustrated and sad, I would recommend going outside the traditional nursing. I am Health Coaching now and absolutely love it. Sometimes it is just a matter of peeking outside the box.
  4. Health Coach00

    You just can't make "This Stuff" up.....

    Yes thank you for your service! My son will be graduating from college soon and is going full time Army. I have been a nurse for 30 years. It sounds like you have taken the ropes, and through experience and life, have come out on top. I would love to have you on my team! After 30 years of hospice and that type of nursing, I am now focused on wellness. The neat thing about nursing, is that there are so many avenues, like your story tells, that one can go down and explore. Certified Health Coaching is one of those and it's rewarding. I wish you the best in all your endeavors...and thanks again for your service!
  5. Health Coach00

    I Don't Like Nursing. What Else Can I Do With My Degree?

    Hi Toniasday7. I can identify with you completely. I am just now getting your post and 4 years have passed. I am a nurse of 30 years. I have hopped from one specialty to another. I have been in management positions also. I am a high and fast burn. I don't take that as a weakness...I take it as a plus. I am focusing and channeling my empathies and experience into Health Coaching. I have my own practice and I help others build theirs. It has the potential to becoming very lucrative and you can do it alongside a job until you build your income to a point where you can do it full time if you like. It has been a lifesaver for me and very rewarding...no more burn outs and it pays well.

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