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29AlmostFNP has 3 years experience as a ADN, RN, EMT-P.

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  1. 29AlmostFNP

    NP Competency After Graduation

    Thank you. It's just so difficult during the program because we are responsible for finding our own preceptor. I found one for when I do start clinicals but have not worked with her yet but I am hoping that she will be able to guide me. Also, I am in an FNP program right now but am interested in emergency medicine so that will be difficult for me too. I will be joining an ENP program that my university offers so we will so how that goes I just honestly wish I had gone to PA school as I am way more interested in the science as opposed to nursing theory that these NP schools all seem so preoccupied with. I really wish there were more people concerned with the type of NP these schools produce rather than just the number of people that pass.
  2. 29AlmostFNP

    NP Competency After Graduation

    I totally agree that the DNP degree is completely useless at this time. Maybe years down the road when the curriculum is more standardized and less just whatever the university feels like putting in the degree it might be worth it then. But yes I know im only in my 2nd semester of NP school but its just ridiculous and the thought that I am going to be responsible for patients lives with this kind of education terrifies me. Is there anything you recommend to help me make sure I become a competent provider?
  3. 29AlmostFNP

    NP Competency After Graduation

    Actually this might do better in the NP section and not the student NP section. Can anyone move it there or tell me how to do it? Thanks!
  4. 29AlmostFNP

    NP Competency After Graduation

    I just wanted to reach out and see how prepared current NPs were when they graduated their NP programs. Honestly I'm getting more and more worried about the lack of training that NPs seem to get. Especially from all these online programs. I am only in my 2nd semester and it is an ADN to MSN track so I know I have to take some of the transition courses since I did not get my BSN but geeze these classes are so extremely useless!! It has made me so angry how useless these courses have been and how much busy work we seem to get that won't prepare me to take care of patients in any way at all. I see how much training PAs get and am wishing that I went that route instead, but I did not have a bachelor's degree. Is there anyone out there that was disappointed with their NP training and how did you go about making yourself be a competent provider?
  5. 29AlmostFNP

    UTHSC Houston RN-MSN FNP

    Hey everyone! I recently found out that I was accepted into the Spring 2020 RN to MSN FNP program at the University of Houston Health Science Center Cizik School of Nursing. I think that its a small cohort but I wanted to see if there's anyone else on here that was accepted into the program. Maybe we can pull our resources and help each other out. I look forward to working with you guys!
  6. 29AlmostFNP

    Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    I thought that Texas was not a very restrictive state. All the research that I have done has led me to believe that the NPs in Texas do not need the supervising physician. Or if they do, that they physician only has to look at like 10 percent of the NPs cases. Im not sure which one it is.
  7. 29AlmostFNP

    Need some academic advice from you.

    sometimes classes will open up because some people will drop out for one reason or another. I had this issue with my A&P II course. I was enrolled in a fast track course so that I could take A&P I and II in the same semester. I got into A&P I but couldnt get into A&P II until like right before the class started because it was full. So it is possible. I would check other schools in the area to see if they have an open course just in case. But be checking like evvery day to see if a spot has opened up. You dont want to miss it. I took A&P I and II at the same time as micro. A&P was super easy for me. I thought micro was going to be the death of me. I spent so much time studying for A&P because I was really interested in it. I hated micro with a passion. I somehow managed to pass with a B. As for chemistry, I really thought I was going to hate it since I hated it and didnt understand it at all when I took it in high school. I ended up loving it and passing with an A. Chem II was a different story. I hated that haha. It all depends on you I guess whether a class will be hard or not. It depends on how intereested you are in the subject matter and how devoted you are to studying and learning the material. I would not suggest taking micro and chemistry in the same semester if you can avoid it. Good luck to you!
  8. 29AlmostFNP

    Blinn Fall 2015 Admissions

    Maybe someone should start a Facebook page for our cohort. We could help each other out and form study groups and stuff if we have contact with everyone.
  9. 29AlmostFNP

    Off duty RN scope of practice on an airplane.

    Its just weird to me to have an ACLS certification at all if not to use what you are certified for? Why would there be an ACLS certification if not to use it. My philosophy is that I have the certification as the RN or paramedic or whatever to know how to use the drugs, and that I have the ACLS certification to be able to use those medications in that capacity.
  10. 29AlmostFNP

    Anyone know about the ADN program at Blinn in Bryan?

    Awesome! I'm so excited! I'm ready to get down to it!
  11. 29AlmostFNP

    Texas A&M College Station FNP Program

    Wow! That sounds really exciting! Thank you so much for your input and good luck to you in your classes!!
  12. 29AlmostFNP

    Texas A&M College Station FNP Program

    Yeah I'm not too worried about the preceptor part. I am mostly worried about the online courses. I mean is an online course really enough to prepare you to be a primary provider for a patient? Do you feel like you're learning enough and learning what you need to know to be a competent provider? I'm just worried about the online aspect versus a physical brick and mortar school and being prepared and competent.
  13. 29AlmostFNP

    Anyone know about the ADN program at Blinn in Bryan?

    Haha I guess it's my fault for having a neutral screen name. My bad lol
  14. 29AlmostFNP

    Anyone know about the ADN program at Blinn in Bryan?

    I'm a guy lol
  15. 29AlmostFNP

    Blinn adn 2015

    Thats awesome! I can't wait!
  16. My facility had the poster board with most employees pictures on it. We also have a standardized scrub color to identify our positions. I am a PCT right now about to go to nursing school. Usually when a patient calls for a nurse I am the first person to run in (because the nurses are super busy). I always ask them if there is something I can help them with. I emphasize the "I" part to make sure there is no confusion as to my role. I would never blatantly call myself a nurse when I have not earned that right yet.

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