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  1. chicka1521

    USA/Samford Accelerated BSN 2015

    Well Samford University is a tremendous institution and their nursing program is excellent! Birmingham is an active vibrant city. I will most definitely keep you updated; as you said, it will be very nice to know someone prior to the start of the program! I will be extremely happy at both universities/where ever I end up. Have you decided where you're going to live?
  2. chicka1521

    USA/Samford Accelerated BSN 2015

    Thank you- and congratulations to you as well! I am just beyond grateful to have been accepted to a program. There are pros and cons to both programs. However, after researching both programs it came down to the basics for me. If I'm accepted to the nursing program at USA, I will go there. Their program is only 12 months, and it's a public institution. Samford has an extra semester of courses, and the tuition is significantly less expensive at USA. I am an instate resident. My parents are funding my education, so I took that into account as well. I ultimately want to be a CRNA which is an additional 4 years of school. With all that being said, that is how I came up with my decision. If I'm not accepted to USA's program, I will definitely be at Samford! Both are excellent programs; it just came down to the basics for me. Are you definitely going to Samford? Did you apply anywhere else?
  3. chicka1521

    USA Traditional and Accelerated BSN

    I applied to both the accelerated and traditional programs as well. I called USA College of Nursing last week. The lady I spoke with said that letters would be sent out approximately 6-8 weeks from the deadline. She also said that each applicant would receive a decision letter whether accepted (and to what program), wait-listed or regrets. I am failing miserably at patiently waiting. Honestly, I want to call every single day until I'm given an answer! Definitely keep me updated if you hear any pertinent information or feedback!
  4. I applied to both as well just incase as well (a.k.a backup plan). I must say… I've heard various information/feedback on the admissions process. I have a friend who recently graduated from the program, and she never had an interview. She just received a letter in the mail. I just want to know! I'm failing miserably at patiently waiting.
  5. chicka1521

    USA/Samford Accelerated BSN 2015

    I've been accepted to Samford University! I am still patiently waiting to hear back from USA.
  6. I mailed in my application and unofficial transcripts in together. However, the a lady emailed me saying they had received all of my materials.
  7. I didn't ask about interviews when I called. They just said letters are sent out 6-8 weeks from the deadline. We will receive a letter regardless if accepted or not.
  8. I spoke with a lady the other day, and she said we will receive letters in the mail 6-8 weeks from the deadline.
  9. I applied back in February as well thinking the exact same thing! Hopefully we will start hearing back soon!
  10. chicka1521

    USA/Samford Accelerated BSN 2015

    Who all has applied to either USA (July 2015) or Samford (June 2015) with hopes of beginning the accelerated bsn program at one of these universities? I am interested in hearing feedback from others!
  11. I applied for the accelerated bsn program as well- still patiently waiting to hear back!