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  1. tri-c nursing student

    Will this be your first semester in nursing school ?
  2. tri-c nursing student

    Ok thanks I think I'm probably just going to get those then
  3. tri-c nursing student

    Eastern too !!
  4. tri-c nursing student

    I will be attending those classes this fall too !!! I think I might wait to get my books after the first day to see which ones we really need, which location are you going to be attending ?
  5. Cuyahoga community college

    Hello I've been accepted for the fall 2015 rn program. I was just wondering if it was anyone out there that has already completed the program? I've completed all of my preqs, and have orientation of May 21, 2015. Are there any good books out I should...
  6. fall 2015 nursing program at tri-c

    All of mines just say approved. Can I ask you when you start the nursing program and at what campus.