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  1. Lexis

    Fluid & Electrolytes

    Do you still have this study guide by chance? I dont see the link to click on for it to show up
  2. Lexis

    Faulkner State Community College

    FutureRN2142 dont give up hun. I got waitlisted for South but I kept my options open for other schools. Did u apply anywhere else?
  3. Lexis

    Faulkner State Community College

    Hey guys...Im in for Fall 2015 too!! YAY!!!
  4. Lexis

    Faulkner State Fall 2015 - Let the nail biting begin

    Thanks I have 200...they accepted 180 and above
  5. Lexis

    Faulkner State Fall 2015 - Let the nail biting begin

    I got accepted into faulkner!!!!!
  6. Lexis

    El Paso Community College RN Program

    Hey guys!!!...I ranked for June 2015 YAY!!!! Can you guys tell me if you are members of project arriba??? Also I REALLY need to know can anyone give me the class/clinical times for both the morning and afternoon schedules? Thanks Im trying to coordinate childcare and pick a provider....any referrals?
  7. Lexis

    Faulkner State Fall 2015 - Let the nail biting begin

    hi guys...I applied to Faulkner as well. Cant wait for letters to go out!....I found out yesterday that I didnt make it into South Alabama's accelerated program. I feel like wherever I get accepted is where Im supposed to be. Hopefully we find out in 2 weeks.
  8. Oh okay...maybe that's why. I went back to see when apps were due for the traditional program and it was also April 1st. I wonder who's running things in the office. My letter had typos and it said I was on the wait list for the 'Master of Science accelerated program' ...seems like they were just rushing to get letters out. Mine was dated May 28 but I didnt get it til June 5th....weird.
  9. Wait what????.....you received a wait list letter for the TRADITIONAL program??? That doesnt make any sense. My letter said letters for the traditional program would go out in a few weeks. Whats REALLY going on?
  10. I just got a letter in the mail....it says that Im on the waiting list for the Fall 2015 accelerated program. If and when a seat becomes available, it says I will be contacted as soon as possible. Also if I elected to be considered for the traditional program, which I did, then those decision letters will be mailed out within the next few weeks. Its kind of a bummer but I feel like God will ultimately place me where I need to be....he's done it my entire Army career and I know He womt fail me now. Congrats again to those of you who made it in. I wish you nothing but success!
  11. With that being said, would you say the program is doable? Im just stupid nervous about how the program is. I hope im making the right decision by choosing this school.
  12. Hi guys....can any of you tell me how the nursing program is going? Im curious...Im awaiting an acceptance letter for Fall 2015 :)
  13. I just called the school and was told that they are getting the letters ready right now. They will go out on Monday....either way you will get a letter of yay or nay...that rhymes lol. But yeah. ..the ones other people are referring to I believe are for those that recieved a telephone interviews...not everyone does so just keep that in mind. The wait is almost over :/
  14. ...if it makes you feel any better Im 18 hours away lol and Im just IMpatiently waiting myself as well....it sucks but hey....what can we do (shrugs)