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Ukrainian has 2 years experience and specializes in CNA, RNA , CHHA.

2 years I'm in nursing , adore medical field. Want to be a successful in nursing. Currently graduating LVN school .

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  1. Ces college burbank 2015~2016

    I will tell you ,CES promised me if I pass 1st time nclex and will be 30 days after I schedule exam they will give me 300 dollars,still 5 mon the pass still they didn't give is false promisses,I don't know how this school works now,b...
  2. Ces college burbank 2015~2016

    I don't know how instructor now, cuz which I had moved to different state,25K tuition price.
  3. 2015 Current LPN Pay

    No freaking way I would be agree on 15$ per hr. I have have paid for my education way too much . I get visits for 35$ home health and 30$ CC per hr in hospice and same rate for visit. California .when they offer me 15$ ,I say it's min wage for ...
  4. I used Kaplan and didn't pass NCLEX on 1st try

    Nobody can guarantee you, Kaplan, remar, and so on, sorry , you'll do better and you'll pass, be positive
  5. Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan for nclex rn review

    I used Saunder through out nursing school, but Hogan book pearson comprehensive review rock , I used for nclex was amazing, even one answer on nclex was straight from the book, no joke
  6. File Incomplete

    I told ya ,remember ,lol . Most of the operators r incompetent !!!! Well Done . Move on with your life
  7. File Incomplete

    If file incomplete they won't send you approve NCLEX letter, is that make sense? Bon will not let you take an exam, I know just rules in CA.
  8. File Incomplete

    Relax, don't believe to operators, most of them incompetent, cuz I had 2 different situations I had to call them 20 times and 19 of them said different info just one who were very helpful. ......lazy d. Ass
  9. LPN results

    There is no way, just result in a mail.
  10. NCLEX in 2 days

    I'm from CA, LA , you pass man , congrats. I had same pop up.and I got mail with Has Pass in a 3 weeks after my test
  11. Passed the NCLEX with bad Kaplan scores!

    Great job
  12. Lots of SATA

    Come back with a good news
  13. I paid 200 dollars for pvt

    Pvt worked for me, I used empty debit card, and it didn't let me register
  14. NCLEX in 2 days

    Stay positive, you will be just fine
  15. Lots of SATA

    It's nothing, I have min questions 85 and 60 of them was SATA, and I pass.