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  1. claddagh

    Differences in US nursing vs the rest of the world

    I had the wonderful opportunity during my BSN program to take course at Trinity College during their winter session. For three weeks, my classmates and I learned about nursing in Ireland. We even shadowed at several major Dublin hospitals. It is one of my most treasured memories from nursing school. Things were so different, but still so similar. I was jealous of the amount of clinical hours student nurses received. Since I was not practicing as an RN yet, it is hard to say that we have more autonomy in the US, but I can say that both general nurses, well as nurses in the fields of mental health, intellectual disabilities, midwifery and children's nursing seemed to really know and love what they were doing. Overall, it seemed that nurses in Ireland were really able to focus on their jobs rather than tedious, unnecessary charting and minor complaints from patients, family and management. I did not see that sense of entitlement from patients and families that we deal with constantly in the US. Maybe I was just there on a good day, but it really seemed like nurses were almost always respected as health professionals, rather than providers of narcotics and snacks. The sightseeing and night life in Ireland wasn't too bad either .
  2. claddagh

    How long is your commute?

    53 miles/ 1 hour. I'm a new grad in a bad market; it's a means to an end. Better opportunities will come with time and experience!
  3. claddagh

    Thank you from a new grad

    Thanks to everyone who shares their experiences on AN! I'm a new grad who starts orientation on Monday and I feel like I've learned almost as much on AN as I did in school. School is of course important for learning basic skills and theory, but AN helped prep me for the real side of nursing. No one in school told us that the job market in NY sucks and that I should expect to have a hard time getting a job. Now I have a job that's low-paying and an hour away, but I am able to accept that this is the reality for new grads. And you what, I'm excited and grateful to be starting at this job. It's not my dream job, I'm not going to put down roots, but it's been great to hear that there are others in the same boat and I'm not some unique sort of failure. I plan to start this job with a positive attitude and use remind myself that every day there is a step towards where I want to be. School gave me an idealistic view of nursing where I thought I would stroll into a great job right after graduation, but AN helped me see that this isn't the case, but not to give up and to keep fighting for my goals because no one else is going to fight for me. Thanks for helping me develop thicker skin!
  4. claddagh

    Uncensored Thoughts of a Nurse Interviewer

    Hawkesbe, I dread the question, "tell me about yourself." What does an interviewer like you like to hear in an answer?
  5. claddagh

    Uncensored Thoughts of a Nurse Interviewer

    I graduate in 1.5 mos. Your article is great. Hoping to get hired sometime in July and I'm definitely looking for all the advice I can get.