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  1. License Number on state Website??

    Yes, that's where I've been looking....but nothing yet :-(
  2. License Number on state Website??

    I took my NCLEX (and passed first try, thank you VERY much!! ha!) in Colorado on June 28th. When I search for my license number on the Colorado Board of Nursing website, it doesn't show up :-( How long do you think it will be?
  3. Any second degree students do a BSN?

    I'm in the middle of my accelerated BSN program. Pro - its fast. Con - its fast. ha!
  4. RN to NP education. How did you manage it?

    Had to chuckle when I read your post, but in reality its something I'm considering.
  5. I will be graduating as an RN next year, and at 51 years old with no retirement in place, I'm seriously considering NP. But, I need to work as soon as I graduate. Were any of you able to work while pursuing NP training?
  6. Loan forgiveness options? Help!

    kaimkaim, First of all congratulations on moving to Seattle! I hope its something you're looking forward to. I lived in Gig Harbor, WA for 4 years before returning to my home state, TN. There are lots and lots of nursing opportunities in Seattle a...