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    Samuel Merritt ABSN Sacramento

    Is anyone applying for 2016/2017 Sacramento or San mateo cohort?? im still in the process of getting my BS health science degree next spring 2016. Currently I have a 3.0 in science courses so I plan to retake at least one class. I still have to take the teas test. experience: I volunteered at UCSF hospital for a year. That's it. I plan on doing the 3 month CNA training at missions college in the fall. I plan on getting my CNA certificate and working as CNA as much as I can before applying for Samuel Merritt next year. It's very extensive and long hours. Idk if it's worth it .. Cuz keep in mind I also have to take classes at Csueb to graduate on time next spring. It's too much work. On top of that I have a one year old so I don't wanna leave her too much. What do u all think? Is it worth to get that CNA certificate to increase my chances of getting admitted into Samuel Merritt?? what are other ABSN programs in California besides Samuel merritt? Preferably ones that are less competitive and give me more probability to get in?
  2. Hi guys. I'm expected to graduate with a health science B.S. Degree (from CSUEB) next year in the spring 2016 and am interested in doing the ABSN program after. If not, 2 year RN programs are ok too. My end goal is to be a nurse lol. The thing is my stats aren't up to par. I'm currently looking at Samuel Merritt (San Mateo or Sacramento) because they only look at the last 60 units. An admissions counselor at Samuel Merritt told me I also need to retake at least one science class since I currently have a 3.0 in my science courses. I yet have to take the teas test. My experience: I volunteered at UCSF Hospital for a year but that's about it. I plan on getting my CNA certificate by doing the 3 month program. And work as a CNA as much as I can before I apply next year. what do u guys think? Is it worth getting my CNA certificate in the fall? Considering I'm also still trying to take my classes to graduate next year.. I will have a really big workload. On top of that, I have a one year old so I don't want to leave her too much.. CNA training hours are long and will require me to be gone often. Idk if it's totally worth it.. and if it will actually help my chances of getting into a program. also I don't know much nursing programs in California.. Other than Samuel Merritt. Do u guys know any other nursing programs in California - preferably the easier ones to get into?