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  1. bmoore1973

    Lake Granbury Medical Center will not hire new grads

    That is really sad!! I live in granary and would not go to the granbury hospital.
  2. bmoore1973

    State Tags

    They watch us very closely for this
  3. bmoore1973

    Home Health Nursing?

    i love home health! i just do per deium, i see between 10 and 15 patients a week, i usually spend about an hour or so with them, sometimes more sometimes less, just depends on what is going on. i see the same ones every week. i know the full time nurse sees probably double what i do, she works 5 days a week but she has the same patients most every week!!
  4. bmoore1973

    moving to tx

    temple hosptials are supposed to be some of the best around! and yes you really have to check out the hill country area, fredricsburg is wonderful. there are a bunch of outlet malls in san marcos i believe. that part of texas is just gorgeous, especially you will get part of the fall and get to experience the color changes in the trees!!! good luck!
  5. bmoore1973

    Laptop use in Home Health

    i did prn for a home health agency and it was all computer documentation and all the nurses had laptops! i loved it, it saved on lots of papers. as now i work home health andi have so many peices of paper some days i just want to scream! with computer, everything i needed to konw about the patient was there and if someone else had seen them the week before i could look at their note and see what they did! it was great!!
  6. bmoore1973

    Moving to the Wichita Falls area

    if you don't mind me asking, where will you be living? i grew up in grahm which is south of wichita falls, i might be able to give you some information about the area to work other than wichita falls! if you want to pm me feel free to! good luck on your search!
  7. bmoore1973

    the houston dilemma-need your help!!

    you might look into the katy area or the tomball area. we lived in houston for 3 years and it was a huge adjustment, but if you get out of the inner city part it isn't too bad! tomball has a good hospital and out at katy memorial herman has a new hospital! both areas are really good and they have kind of a small town feel to them too with the city stuff close by! hope that helps, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!! good luck!!!
  8. bmoore1973

    Lidocaine with Rocephin IM?

    i just can't imagine giving rocephin without lidocaine! that is just cruel!!!!
  9. bmoore1973

    TPN with insulin

    im sure it has to do with your hospitals policy and procedures. i have worked in two different hospitals and one you had to have a rn check with you and another you didn't!
  10. bmoore1973

    Non-Nurses calling themselves a Nurse

  11. bmoore1973

    Non-Nurses calling themselves a Nurse

    so why did you bother posting something?
  12. bmoore1973

    Non-Nurses calling themselves a Nurse

    I really hope that you have gone further with this! I just can't imagine giving out a diagnosis! Some child is really going to get hurt and that scares me to death!
  13. bmoore1973

    "Easy" LPN jobs

    i have worked in several aspects of nursing and no matter what you do, nursing is not an "easy" job! have you considered maybe you are in the wrong profession?
  14. bmoore1973

    Heelsticks How to.

    i really like this post, i worked in a pedi clinic where we do all the pku's for newborns and i watched nurses who would squeeze the poor baby's foot until it was blue! My best results were to have mom hold the baby like she were burping him/her and i never had a problem, most of the time the babies never flinched when i stuck them.
  15. bmoore1973

    Saginaw, TX info, please!

    my best friend lives in saginaw and they love it there! the school district is supposed to be great, better than the ft worth school district. it is great but you the convience of being out of the city a little but then really the citty is still right there! hope this helps. i know that they would never live anywhere else!
  16. bmoore1973

    Health Profession & Wacko's

    i don't know about "wacko" because it takes a special person to be a nurse! i think this profession can sometimes make a person crazy becaue of all that is expected of us and all that we do! if that is what you mean by "wacko"!!!