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Nursing Education RN to BSN; OR nurse
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nm0279 has 33 years experience and specializes in Nursing Education RN to BSN; OR nurse.

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  1. nm0279

    I hate nursing

    I think you should pursue an RN degree. An RN has more opportunities. If nursing is in your blood, perhaps you haven't found your niche yet. Burnout is not uncommon and can be difficult to overcome alone. You do need to take care of yourself. Please don't take offense, but counseling might be good for you right now. Take care and best wishes.
  2. nm0279

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    How about dropping a full bottle of hyperal and breaking both the bottle and the sink in the first week of your new job as s graduate nurse!
  3. nm0279

    Writing essays

    Perrla, and many other APA programs will help you in proper APA formatting as long as the information you submit within the program is complete. As always, garbage in garbage out. Before totally relying on any program be sure you know the elements required. I hope this is helpful.
  4. nm0279

    Online BSN Schools

    When considering an online program look for accreditation; CCNE, NLN, etc. Employers care about the school's accreditation, not if it is brick and mortar, or online. I completed my MSN online and am very happy to say I am currently working in my specialty of education in an online RN to BSN program. Online programs offer flexibility to those of us who work full time, but may be very intense. Courses can be 5 to 8 weeks with the same content of 12 to 15 week courses. I'd be happy to offer more input. Let me know.
  5. nm0279

    HELP! How do you handle Workplace gossip?

    I am sorry to say this is not unusual. Know your strengths, embrace your skills, and continue to offer assistance when needed. Kudos to you for trying to help!
  6. nm0279

    I'm failing out of nursing school

    How many organizations are still hiring LPN's?
  7. nm0279

    advice: stop focusing on other people!

    Good for you! I had very few negative experiences (after graduation) until I went into my specialty 30 years ago. I was (and am) thin skinned. I am very concerned the trend of "nurses eating their young" continues today. We lose many qualified nurses to this abuse. New nurses out there - listen up. It's not you.
  8. nm0279

    I'm failing out of nursing school

    Is it too late to withdraw from at least one of the classes? I would really hate to see you dismissed from the program. Is it an accelerated program? Those are very intense. Pharmacology requires a great amount of study; and continued study. What are your instructors doing to help?