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  1. Blessed2216

    Chamberlain Troy Campus

    dont do it!! run!! worst school ever!
  2. Blessed2216

    Low gpa! Do I have a shot?

    Hi! I go to chamberlain in troy Mi and I can tell you it's extremely pricey, but welll worth the money. But the low GPA is a concern. Maybe if you retake one of your classes that you did poorly on? That would increase your GPA to meet the requirment
  3. Blessed2216

    Chamberlain or Davenport?

    Hello! I go to the chamberlain in the troy Mi area. I started in January and I love it!! It is really pricey but I think it's well worth it! All my credits transferred over so I will be graduating in only two years. The class sizes are small so you really get to know the teachers. They offer you free tutoring, and every wednesdays are NCLEX review days, the list goes on and on. And whoever said there classes don't transfer, why would they even need to transfer? They look at your degrees not your individual classes.