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TheSpaceCadet's Latest Activity

  1. TheSpaceCadet

    Need to get into NOVA

    Hey I applied to nova too! I havnt heard back. Did you get in?
  2. TheSpaceCadet

    ADVICE NEEDED!! What should I do?

    Go to the interviews! You don't want to miss out on any possibilities! Good luck !
  3. TheSpaceCadet

    Fiu a.o BSN

    Thank you me too ! Lolol
  4. TheSpaceCadet

    Fiu a.o BSN

    Hi, I have a BA already and wanted to go back to school for a BSN. So far I have applied back to Fiu to get my prerequisites done and then plan to apply to the Accelerated Bsn program. Has anyone completed their program? Any insight? How are the professors? Is the fast pace really difficult? Thank you
  5. TheSpaceCadet

    FIU nurses

    Any nurses that graduated from FIU ? I am interested and wanted to know how the professors are and if the program prepared you for the real world.