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  1. Tasked with creating policy and procedures for support staff/triage in an interventional pain clinic. They have been operating for years with no clear guidelines so I have no base to start from. If anyone has created or have recommendations of where to find at least an outline/example of a pain clinic focused standard operating procedure manual, I would be ever so greatful! 🆘
  2. Awagner311

    Salary LPN referral triage coordinator?

    Yes! Basically they need someone to evaluate gathered information then make a decision on whether to send a patient to see physiatry or spine surgeon. Currently they have employees with no medical background "guessing" where to send the patients. This has caused the surgeons to become very upset because they feel they are being sent physiatry patients. This is a newly created job so it would need developing. I'm not sure what a reasonable pay would be for an LPN in said position.
  3. New job opportunity! Wondering what a reasonable hourly pay for LPN referral triage coordinator would be.
  4. Awagner311

    Questions and Prayers!

    Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and support! I think I did ok today... It was a panel of 3 RN's. They where impressed with my experience as a triage nurse and asked if/when I'm free to shadow if I'm one of the final selected candidates. My friend works in their district as a school nurse (she's also an LPN) but I can't help but feel they are looking for an RN to fill the position. They called me in knowing I was a LPN and I feel I did the best I could so all I can do now is stay positive and pray they give me a chance. Again, thank you all who responded!
  5. Awagner311

    Questions and Prayers!

    I've worked in LTC, Rehab, and most recently tele-triage. School nursing.. I have no idea what to expect! I applied and have an interview Tuesday as the full time high school nurse. I'm so excited.. I mean I really REALLY want this position! I've been stalking this site and researching 504, IEP, etc. but I'm not sure what I should know. I'm confident in my skill set but since I've never been in the school nurse setting I don't know of the policies and the proper way to answer the interview questions. For instance, If a girl comes to the clinic and tells me she's pregnant what would be the appropriate way to respond? or "You suspect a student is on drugs what would you do?" I mean I have an idea how I would respond and I would always refer to school policy but how would YOU that have worked this position respond? Any advise on what to know before the interview would be greatly appreciated. She said I will sit in front of a panel! Also, what kind of situations have you had to deal with on the high school level?