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    I cannot stand this!! I'm in a HS so everyone has a cell phone, and so often they'll call their parents to pick them up either without seeing me or while I let them rest for 5-10 minutes. If I wasn't already going to send them home sick, I tell parent, "you're more than welcome to sign them out, but it won't be a health related excuse from my office." Some take that well but most do not.
  2. Mavnurse17

    LVAD Careplan

    Wow! You have a kiddo with an LVAD? I'm in a HS now but I was on a heart failure floor, directly caring for LVAD patients for a year and a half so I am somewhat nostalgic about this. (Obviously I wish this kid wasn't sick enough to need an LVAD, but I hope you know where I'm coming from). The basics: know what kind of VAD it is. Heartware vs. Heartmate II vs. Heartmate III. Depending on how old this kid is, they should somewhat know what their PI, flow, and power should be and recognize when their numbers are off compared to how they're feeling. Also, Heartwares and Heartmate II's require you to take a MAP using a doppler (if you ever need to assess this), Heartmate III's are SOMETIMES pulsatile so you MIGHT be able to get a regular BP. Ask the parent. Make sure they are bringing a backup controller and batteries to school. Maybe have their parent show you how to do a controller change (extremely rare but would be helpful in an emergency) and battery changes (if the student can't do this on their own). Obviously safety is a big concern here. You want to make sure that the driveline is protected. I've heard mixed information about initiating CPR on people with LVADs-- some sources say it can damage the machinery and the heart, some say it's safe. LVADs are dependent on preload and afterload, so I'd probably put assessing fluid volume status somewhere in your care plan. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!
  3. Mavnurse17

    Pure curiosity :)

    I have my BLS and ACLS certs (my former employer, a large university hospital, made me recert my BLS even though I was getting ACLS), both of which are expiring this August. I'd like to re-up my ACLS cert, even though only BLS is required of me. Even though I'll never have to run a code like I would in the hospital, I'm proud of being ACLS certified and having that knowledge under my belt.
  4. In my school district in TX, we need an order for EVERYTHING--RX or OTC. I, too, get parents that bring Tylenol up to the school and ask if I can give it throughout the day if their kid gets a headache and I, too, have to give the whole "I need an order from the doctor" speech. I have no standing orders, NOR do I have any stock meds (not even epi). My district's view on this is that it eliminates any liability on the nurse for "practicing medicine without a license," and I have mixed feelings about it. It can be frustrating to shuffle around paperwork just for a med, but it does make me feel better knowing I'm following an order like I would in a hospital. Edit-- I can't even take a label on the RX bottle as an order... the order needs to be on a specific district form.
  5. Mavnurse17

    Pain management in nursing

    I have a soft spot for pain d/t an extensive hx with kidney stones (plural) as a teenager. I started my nursing career with a firm belief in the adage from nursing school: "a patient's pain is whatever they say it is." However, it took 2 nights of a patient asking me if he could crush and SNORT his q 1 hour Oxy for me to lose a little faith in that adage. He was dealing with an infection in one of his cervical vertebrae, so I know that has to be painful, but he was the "typical" patient sitting calmly in the bed, watching TV, and eating pudding while saying "yeah my pain's a 10." I never ever ever let patients like that keep me from giving pain medication, though. If it's available, I give it. I do, however, educate on their different PRNs and I'll always start with an oral PRN before I give an IV PRN, with the education that "yes, the IV medication will work quicker but it will also wear off quicker. A pill might take longer to kick in, so it's important to advocate for yourself whenever your pain is a 3 so I can give it to you before it's a 10. This oral med will also keep your pain relief sustained and we can use anything IV for breakthrough." I've also had patients who assumed I'd bring their pain medications with their scheduled medications. Have to do some education there, too. I tell them that while I regularly assess their pain level and tell them when their next med is available, I don't just bring PRNs anytime I walk into the room. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that I will always assess and treat pain, but I don't want to feel like I'm the Dilaudid fairy. I know there are situations that warrant a heavy pain regimen (and the situation you described about the patient screaming in pain and the RN ignoring it is awful), but I guess I've just been in many situations that have jaded me, unfortunately.
  6. Mavnurse17

    Assessing the student on drugs

    I have had a rough time with my 'substance abuse assessments.' My school used to use a specific form, but I've been told not to use it. Finally my nurse supervisor told us we should be doing neuro assessments on kids brought to use for suspected substance abuse (orientation, pupil assessment, grip strength, ability to follow commands, can they walk a straight line, etc). I struggle with administrators relying on me as a tool to say if a student is/is not using. I hesitate to take VS on EVERY student brought to me for drug assessment, as an elevated BP/ pulse could be caused by a lot of different things (hello... maybe this kid is tachy because they were just escorted into the clinic by an officer??) I use my best nursing judgement to decide if I take VS on a kid brought in for this assessment. Otherwise, it's a one minute neuro check and if they're safe, they go back to administration.
  7. Mavnurse17

    What brought you to where you are now?

    I went to a 4 year college to get my BSN straight out of high school in 2013. Graduated May 2017 and got my license a month after that. Throughout RN school, I had been working in a cardiac PCU as a nurse tech at a major University hospital in my area, and I kept working there as a nurse. I had wanted to get into L&D (but knew I'd get in as a new grad as soon as I saw pigs flying ), so I decided I'd get my year of experience with LVADs, heart transplants, CABGs, etc, and then move on. Except NO OTHER SPECIALTY wanted to hire a cardiac nurse for some reason. By the time I'd had about a year of experience, I started putting in applications into L&D, antepartum, school nursing, telehealth, and even an outpatient heart failure clinic (HELLO!! I did this inpatient full time!!), and either got a firm 'no' or no response at all. This went on for months, and I became more miserable at my job with each shift. Finally one day 3 months ago I was perusing through Indeed as a last-ditch effort and found an opening for the school district I work for now. When I applied I thought, "there's no way this will work. I have no peds experience." But I got a call for an interview the next day and was signing my employment contract by the end of the week. So here I am now This specialty comes with its own set of challenges, but I noticed an immediate positive change in my quality of life once I left the bedside.
  8. Mavnurse17

    PearsonVue Trick is still alive and well! (May 2017)

    I researched the PVT so much before my exam. I know everyone had posted a lot of information about it before, but I hadn't seen any information pertinent to the May 2017 graduates. The most recent info I could find was for the December '16 graduates. I wanted to know about my group :)
  9. Hi guys! I wanted to talk about my NCLEX/PVT story because I couldn't find any recent information on this stuff for my class (and all the other May '17 grads), and I was searching incessantly for this info! Taking the NCLEX soon? Read on! *Don't know what the Pearson Vue Trick is? There are SO many articles both on this site and elsewhere on the internet. Research away! basically it's just a cheat way to trick PearsonVue into giving you your exam results before they're posted.* My NCLEX and the PVT: I sat for my exam at 10:30 am on Friday, May 26, 2017. My test shut off at 75 questions and I took about an hour and a half to finish. I got the email from Pearson that my exam had finished at noon that day. I decided to try the PVT in line at Chipotle, knowing that if I had gotten the "good" popup that I'd take it with a grain of salt because I'd heard it isn't totally reliable until 24 hours after you get that email. I got the good pop up and felt some sense of relief, but that didn't stop me from checking at least 10 more times that day and night! Everyone that says this trick works says they are skeptical until they get their official results, and it's completely true... I didn't want to think that I'd passed until I saw the word "PASS" in my exam results. The 24 hour mark came and I was still getting the good pop up, so I decided to stop obsessing and just try to wait patiently for my quick results to be ready the next morning. Sure enough, I paid for my quick results exactly 48 hours after the start of my exam, and I PASSED! I am now a registered nurse! The PVT still works as of May 2017! Just make sure you carefully research the trick and how to correctly do it so that you aren't charged the NONREFUNDABLE $200 fee if, by chance, the system lets you re-register. Here's some info about my NCLEX studying, for anyone that's interested: I graduated from RN school on May 11. I got my ATT exactly a week later (my school was super good about submitting our info to the BON), and I scheduled my exam for 8 days after that (which brings me to May 26). I know they recommend waiting 6-8 weeks after graduation, but tbh I had no interest in taking a review course like Kaplan or Hurst--I just spent the last 2 years studying and taking HESI's... the information was already there! HOWEVER, I did use UWorld, and I HIGHLY recommend anyone taking their NCLEX-RN purchase at least the basic 30 day subscription. The questions are on par with what you'll see on the exam, and the rationales are PHENOMENAL!! I believe I would not have passed without it. For reference for those using UWorld, I took the 2 practice tests (exam 1--72%/93rd percentile/"very high" chance of passing; exam 2--68%/86th percentile/"very high" chance of passing), and I did 1,575 questions (averaging 63% overall) from the Qbank before I decided I was prepared. This was the ONLY resource I used to prepare and I only started doing the practice questions on May 9!! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them! I wish someone had posted this kind of information before I tested because I wanted to know as much as I could before I sat! Good luck future nurses!!
  10. Mavnurse17

    Fall 2015 Acceptance

    The group is still not shown as available. I'm not sure if I can post my real name here per terms of service, and I don't know if I can send direct messages yet.
  11. Mavnurse17

    Fall 2015 Acceptance

    Is this a closed group? I searched for it twice but it is not appearing.
  12. Mavnurse17

    UTA Nursing Fall 2015 On-Campus or AP Student Discussion Board

    My adviser could have mis-communicated with me, so don't take this as a set in stone answer as to how the college of nursing ranks the applicants. I'll reiterate. When I sat down with her to discuss my GPA as I was applying, she told me the total amount of points that you can earn when applying for the program is 8. So they take your science GPA and overall GPA and convert those into points (I'm not sure what formula they use), and then if you have extra considerations (3/4 sciences taken here, 30+ hours here, previous degree, 9+ hours of honors college credit, active in ROTC, partnered with a hospital if you're applying for AP-BSN), then you get a few extra points added. When I had that meeting with her, my science GPA was a 3.5 and my overall was somewhere around a 3.4, and I had 2 considerations. That being said, my adviser told me I had 6.9 points out of 8 possible. I'll explain further. This is only my interpretation of how the points relate to how people get accepted, denied, or waitlisted. None of these calculations are from a CON flyer or words from an adviser. This is just my own estimation! Say that your science GPA is a 3.75 and your overall is a 3.8. Let's say you get 5 points for that (using whatever formula the CON uses to compute that). Let's also say you don't have any of the considerations...maybe you transferred in from a community college and don't have the hours here or the sciences here, whatever the case may be. Based on your GPA, you'd have 5/8 points at application. Say that another student has a science GPA of 3.5 and an overall of 3.4, but they have 2 extra considerations (again, not sure how many points per considerations...let's just say for this explanation it's a point per consideration). They took their sciences here and have 30+ hours here as well. Let's say they get 4 points for their GPA, and 2 points for their considerations. They now have 6/8 points. As you can see, this puts the second student higher up on the list than the first student. It's unfortunate that sometimes people who are transferring in with much higher GPA's are put further down the list than people who have a little bit lower GPA's but have those considerations, but that's just how it is. Again, I want to reiterate that none of those calculations are actual formulas...just my interpretations.
  13. Mavnurse17

    Fall 2015 Acceptance

    I was accepted for on campus!
  14. Mavnurse17

    UTA Nursing Fall 2015 On-Campus or AP Student Discussion Board

    I got my acceptance letter at 5:00 sharp this afternoon! I'm so happy I could cry! Congrats to everyone who got accepted too; to those that were not, please don't give up. Apply for spring, apply for next fall, apply apply apply!
  15. Mavnurse17

    Fall 2015 Acceptance

    Hello! Waiting to find about my acceptance to the traditional, on-campus program. I feel like we'll find out at the end of this week. Last year they found out on the 11th. Good luck to everyone!