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  1. simplyjenny

    Orders from hell...

    Re the pulmonologist in the stairwell: I NEED the rest of this story!
  2. simplyjenny

    Floor to ICU

    I am making this transition too, from step-down to ICU, but at a smaller hospital! Very excited/nervous to be working in ICU! It was my favorite rotation in school.
  3. simplyjenny

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 2

    Love reading your posts! When I am dealing with grumpy preceptors I try to just be as pleasant and cordial as possible, and don't acknowledge their rudeness. It can be very upsetting though. You are new, and learning, and all tasks take you ten times longer to complete. On top of it you are trying to make a good impression on the new unit and you have no choice but to be around this person. It stinks! Where on the East Coast did you relocate to?
  4. simplyjenny

    Neuro Critical Care - new grad advice

    Thanks SopranoKris! I would really appreciate that. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your time on the unit! Which floor will you work on after you finish your preceptorship?
  5. simplyjenny

    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

    Neuro Step Down! Do you start on the 24th?
  6. simplyjenny

    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

    Cool! What unit will you be on?
  7. simplyjenny

    Neuro Critical Care - new grad advice

    I too will start on neuro step down ICU in August. I am also eagerly awaiting any responses to this thread. Also, if anyone could recommend a good neuro book (perhaps from Amazon) that is a good overview for the new grad on a neuro step down icu. Thanks!!
  8. simplyjenny

    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

    Sorry I did not see your comment earlier. How did your interview go? And what state are you from?
  9. simplyjenny

    Portland RN Residencies, Summer 2015

    Are all of you who got calls from Oregon? I have heard that Legacy very strongly favors those that attended nursing school in Oregon.
  10. simplyjenny

    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

    Hi all! I will be starting the new grad residency program at UIHC august 2015. I will be relocating from out of state. Can anybody give me any advice on where to live in the area? Or if anybody has anything to add about the hospital if they already work there? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated. I've never been to iowa or the university hospital so I am interested in any and all comments! thanks!
  11. simplyjenny

    Portland RN Residencies, Summer 2015

    I applied to the Legacy program and did their pre-screen in-person interviews. I thought it went well. There as a ton of applicants though. I haven't heard anything yet about a second interview. They said we could receive calls up to a month later about a second interview and then a month later for the job offer. I wonder who has time to wait around that long?
  12. Bump! So, what did they ask you?
  13. simplyjenny

    St. Vincent Healthcare Billings, MT

    Hello all, I have an interview for a position in the New Grad Residency Program at St. Vincent Healthcare. I am having trouble finding ANYTHING on the hospital. How big is their ICU? What is the pay like? Is Billings a decent place to live? ANY and ALL info is appreciated, as I am pretty much going in blind, not knowing if this is a decent hospital or not. Thanks!