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    New grad- StaRN or not?

    I am a new grad and I currently work as a PCT PRN at a local hospital. I was offered a position at the same hospital as an RN. My hospital does the StaRN program but I was told there were no spot available so I would just go straight to the floor after orientation. Now they have found a spot but there is a catch. I would become an employee of this training company for those 14 weeks of training which means no benefits. Since I am PRN as a PCT my full-time benefits were set to start on my start date as an RN if I don't go thought the program. The benefits are very important because my husband and I spend about $600 a month our of pocket for our current insurance plans. But I don't want to put money in front of more learning opportunities to be a better nurse. Just looking for some addition info on the StaRN program and if you felt that it was helpful. Thanks
  2. cbbrewer

    JCCC interview 2015

    Looked on fb but couldn't find the group. Not sure how to message you privately.
  3. cbbrewer

    JCCC interview 2015

    Denvergirl12 that sounds great. I just looked and it looks like a lot of previous classes have done that. I'll be looking for it.
  4. cbbrewer

    JCCC interview 2015

    I received my acceptance letter today. So excited!!