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ajdizzle43 has 13 years experience as a LPN.

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    Vaccinated and Hospitalized?

    That makes so much sense. I also was seen by gastroenterology for potential emergency surgery. They where everywhere as well, and nothing they said made sense, the little bit I was able to decode, way way above my clinical grade. I will say in the 15 some odd years of being an LPN, I am just now seeing the perspective of the patients, lost, scared and confused. Thank you for your kindness and patience for an explanation. The world needs more nurses like y'all.
  2. ajdizzle43

    Vaccinated and Hospitalized?

    Now that is scary. Praise God, but that makes total sense. I would have never known. Thank you kindly for your explanation.
  3. ajdizzle43

    Vaccinated and Hospitalized?

    I'm here posting a personal story after a bout from the variant. I am fully vaccinated. I was hospitalized 2 months later. I was curious if I am just a rare breed? Hope so. I am in the high risk group (healthy, middle-aged woman taking BC) for blood clots, but otherwise very healthy (athlete), and admitted for...some of the fatal risks discussed at length. I was terrified, very sick, and the illness happened so fast, I thought I was going to die. I spent a week in the hospital, with so many tests surrounding my clotting factors and liver enzymes was in the "fatal" numbers (I'm sorry, I'm an LPN), tested (covid19-). Now post hospitalization, I have long hauler gastrointestinal issues that I have never had before. No more southern plates for a while 😑 I said all of this to let folks know that eventhough I did what I needed to do for the greater good, my gut kept telling me no ( all the puns intended) the entire time. I wanted a place for all healthcare folks to decompress all their fears, no judging zone. And it's OK to feel whatever you feel. I did, my correlations came true, however, I am grateful for great healthcare we all strive for all. God bless...and stay safe out here.
  4. ajdizzle43

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    I believe the vaccine incentives are just to push past a threshold if I am not mistaken. The people who are never going to vaccinate will not be persuaded by a coupon. Those folks are too far gone. Let's be frank, many people (including heathcare workers) were threated by losing their jobs in order to get in full compliance to work. So if a chance for attending a Superbowl or a coupon for some nuggets motivates the teens for a cheap date night including a Covid 19 vaccine, let's be thankful that some people took up the offer, when otherwise would have never given it a passing thought (however the rhetoric for many of these incentives glorify unhealthy lifestyle, furthering the pressure of the healthcare system, but that is another day). Many incarcerated, homeless, transient, high-risk individuals in the margins of our communities (including elementary kids) will never have the opportunity to take one, by no fault of their own. I am so glad the vaccine is available (in some) parts of the US, however many do not have the privilege. We are blessed as healthcare workers, however; I think at times our tone for the masses loses sight of the little gains we do make. We are almost there, let's keep the fight, to keep down the census.
  5. ajdizzle43

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Thank you for your service. I understand completely what your saying. Nursing is a job...which we are exchanged our services for labor. We nurses get it misconstrued of our purpose in this healthcare system, and until we tighten up our nursing values and profession as a unit, we are going to continue to get what we get. I understand nursing is a calling...so is military, police, fire, teaching...all unselfish, altruistic...jobs... Military service is similar in structure, I am not sure why folk are dismissing you as such. Rankings, job levels, similar to nursing field. However, the Military, Fireman, and Police, and Teachers are also unionized...and valued on individual levels for their importance of job duties...and recognized at all levels of service with value and honor of your fellow servicemen... Nursing...we have a long way to go...and deserve better from within
  6. PhD in religion > bedside nursing, bless their heart, they definitely have the patience for nursing.
  7. LPN>Master's of Urban Planning or MPP