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  1. jbotwe2

    Nursing corps scholarship 2015-2016

    Glad to know I'm not alone. I'm staying prayerful especially since I had to quit my job today since they wont accommodate my school schedule. @prayinghard88 what school are you at in Chicago?
  2. jbotwe2

    Nursing corps scholarship 2015-2016

    I haven't had a credit check either but figners still crossed. I'm in Chicago.
  3. jbotwe2

    Chamberlain Chicago Fall 2014 acceptance

    @nardles81 So far things are going well. The classes are very easy. I am taking NR 101, PHIL 447N(online) and ECON 312N(online). So far I have A's in each class. I have 2 more pre reqs to complete since they didn't accept my history class or cultural diversity. They did take over 30 credits from my previous degree but of course they are a for profit school so they will only take the bare minimum. You almost have a struggle with getting them to accept your pre-requisites. It has knocked significant time off of the 3 years that they anticipate. The school is very expensive but I am lucky enough to be able to still work my full time job for the summer semester (hopefully fall as well) to get tuition reimbursement. I have also applied for several scholarships and waiting to hear back from them. My mom is doing the online BSN-MSN program and she loves it. Shes been a nurse for over 20 years. I also know one other person that is actually finishing up the program so she has been a big help. I can't pm you since I have only recently become a member but feel free to email me if you have any further questions! (jbotwe2@gmail.com).
  4. jbotwe2

    NURSE Corps Scholarship 2015

    I also finished my application yesterday. My EFC was high and gpa low... but i had great recommendations, a lot of community service and excellent essays so I will be optimistic. My EFC was high because I was working a full time job, however I will be quitting once school begins in August. Hopefully there is a way that I can communicate this to them...
  5. Hi! I just started at Chamberlain 3 weeks ago. So far so good. I did really have to stay on top of the advisors and admission folks to be sure that all of the classes that should have transferred over did. Aside from that everyone seems really friendly and I'm liking my classes thus far except economics blahh. lol I'm anxious to start rotations and my core nursing courses. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.
  6. jbotwe2

    Chamberlain Chicago Fall 2014 acceptance

    I was accepted for the May start at the Chicago Campus. Anyone still working full time in the program? I am depending on it for the tuition reimbursement. Also I have a prior Bachelors degree, can anyone else that has a prior bachelors degree advise me on more options for payment besides private loans?
  7. Hi All! I have just been accepted to Chamberlain for the May start date. Is anyone else accepted and planning on attending this session?