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  1. Clark college nursing program

    Thanks! It took about 7 weeks to get my letter. It felt like forever lol! Sgarcia, good luck with your preresquites!
  2. Clark college nursing program

    I got my acceptance letter last week! I'm in ☺️. I did have a W in my record for math 95 and i retook Chem 121. Inthink that if it comes down to a tie breaker they look at Withdrawls and retakes and take that into consideration when they decid...
  3. Clark college nursing program

    I have 48 points. I'm stalking my mailbox daily lol!
  4. Clark college nursing program

    I haven't been accepted to the program yet. I applied for the February 15th deadline. If you look at the past, selection statistics points are lower than what they have been in the past and less people have been applying. However, each selection g...