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  1. GodBody26

    Dangerous to be psych NP

    You have to really know how to feel people out. If you struggle with this in general then adjusting to a labile psych pt will be difficult. It's one of those things that's hard to explain. Also you have to be in tune with your personal feelings about not just pysch but life in general. You gotta be able to separate your personal life from work life. It's so important
  2. GodBody26

    Lpn to rn transition Forsyth Tech 2018

    good luck!
  3. GodBody26

    Is psychiatric nursing a dying profession?

    Psych isn't dying anytime soon. The issue is that they can't keep nurses consistently, and also too many older nurses get into it as a job leading into retirement. While I don't knock it, mental health issues are increasing and the field is desperate for dedicated nurses who want to stay current with knowledge.
  4. GodBody26

    Forsyth Tech 2017 Practical Nursing Program

    you find out all the info about lab kit/uniform/books at the meeting. I was in the program in the past so just giving a heads up!
  5. GodBody26

    FTCC LPN-ADN Transition 2017

    Was just looking at that myself. I honestly don't know if it has been there or not. Seems like people got their letters around March 9th last year so hopefully we find out soon.
  6. GodBody26

    FTCC LPN-ADN Transition 2017

    Hopefully we do find out by then....figured they'd be a lil quicker since the program starts in May. Judging by past avgs, I think I have a good shot but I need that letter first!
  7. GodBody26

    GTCC vs FTCC LPN to RN Bridge Program

    I applied to FTCC bridge..
  8. GodBody26

    FTCC LPN-ADN Transition 2017

    yea..i've applied just a waiting game now
  9. GodBody26

    Dating a former patient

    Cringing at the thought you even stepped outside of your role to get that personal w/ a patient smh
  10. GodBody26

    NCLEX PN 2016

    quick result was available and I passed!!
  11. GodBody26

    NCLEX PN 2016

    Within the first 85 I had a good 7-8 and 4 correct order from 86-125 I had about 3-4 SATA and 3 correct order
  12. GodBody26

    NCLEX PN 2016

    I took mines Saturday @ 8am. I'm assuming I'll be able to find out my results around 11am. I graduated the end of July and haven't really been studying like that the past 2 months. Just doing questions here and there, checking quizlet, and looking over random things that I felt like I needed to brush up on. Between working full time and being back in school to finish prereqs, I've been busy. With that said the test wasn't that bad except for the SATA. I hate those questions and I got a lot of correct order questions. I got so many I felt I was doing well so I relaxed at question 60ish. Ended up not cutting off at 85 and I panicked x_x ...realized that it judges at 85, 125, 165, and obviously 205 so I tightened up and refocused. Turned off at 125 and I did the trick on Pearson vue and it was positive. Ill officially know later today though :)
  13. GodBody26

    Have been told LPN BAD idea

    not in my area...plenty of RN jobs out there. That's why prefaced it by mentioning NYC and Cali. I'm sure other major cities fall right in that category
  14. GodBody26

    PN Program

    depends where you work LTC 18-21ish doc office 14-17 home health = not sure
  15. GodBody26

    Have been told LPN BAD idea

    maybe in places like NYC and the big cities in Cali but everywhere else I can't see them being phased out.. hospitals obviously but there'll be needs in outpatient, ltc, and home care for awhile imo schools ain't pumping out enough RNs to keep those places afloat and while the baby boomers are still working, they'll be retiring sooner than later.
  16. GodBody26

    Male nursing student and female patient

    there's no reason to be all invasive in that area when doing a regular assessment. Not that hard to grasp!