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  1. Cheers_G

    What Insulin Protocols Do You Use?

    Hi everyone! We are doing research on insulin protocols, so I was wondering what insulin protocols your hospitals use. You can keep the hospital private if you'd like but plz just maybe mention state/city? Thank you!!!
  2. Cheers_G

    USC RN Residency Program for Sept. 2018

    Don't use too many materials - that can get confusing! I recommend first of all studying throughout school, so you don't have to learn too many new things as you study. Get the Kaplan's question database - NCLEX format is the closest to Kaplan. Get the Uworld database for studying, their explanations are great, in fact I stopped using books because Uworld provided me with all the info regarding the questions. I opened the OB book a few times and read the highlighted info, peds milestones and developmental stuff, med.surg signs and symptoms of most common diseases. Other than that just did questions. Passed first time with 75 questions. Good luck!
  3. Cheers_G

    How long did it take to get first RN job?

    It's tough. I graduated in May and there weren't even enough positions to apply for but nothing so far. I reached out to a recruiter that helped me before and he said there is a BIG demand for male nurses, but that's not a modifiable factor for me haha Good luck everyone
  4. Cheers_G

    UCLA Summer 2018 New Grad Residency

    Does anyone have info on how long we should wait for a status change before we lose hope?
  5. Cheers_G

    Best Medical-surgical book

    Thank you!
  6. Cheers_G

    UCLA New Grad Residency Winter 2018

    Hey everyone, I will be applying to the new grad program for Fall 2018, and I was wondering if you have heard of spots available in different units and what units have no spots at all. Any advice? Thank you!!
  7. Cheers_G

    Best Medical-surgical book

    Hi All, I'm close to finishing Accelerated BSN school and we used Lewis Med-surg book which I dislike! Any recommendations on which book to purchase to study for NCLEX? Anybody can recommend Ignatavicus maybe, I heard it's good? Thank you!
  8. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    Just PM-ed you :) Thanks
  9. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    I got the email and the letter in the mail. As for the math test - we are not retaking it. We will have to take something like a math class based on what mistakes each of us made... See you guys May 3rd! :)
  10. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    MSMU was the only place I applied as well! I've heard only the best about the school plus the program is shorter than anywhere else. I haven't received anything in mail yet... I will definitely wait before paying the deposit or starting the loan process.
  11. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    Accepted!! YAY So excited to meet you guys very soon :) In regards to wait-listed people. From what I know they waitlist only 5 people, a lot of folks who get accepted end up choosing other schools and they call waitlisted people. They never disclose on where you are on the waitlist, so no point in calling. But I'd stay positive because I've heard most waitlisted people do get in!! Good luck!!
  12. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    Today was the last day of interviews people. The results are being mailed next week most likely! Keep checking the portal because from what I've heard they update it sooner than you get the mail...
  13. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    I got an interview invite for Friday as well! They did mention something like "an influx of eligible applicants" for this year over the phone, which doesn't sound reassuring... Good luck everyone!
  14. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    Hi @novetteusrn. We are still trying to figure out how to get to accelerated BSN hahaha sorry
  15. Cheers_G

    Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Summer 2017

    Hi all, I also took Ant121 and they told me they cannot accept it. So now I'm taking Philosophy - Critical thinking online. You can take a higher course for Phil as your second religion course FYI. Try to find a class in different colleges since you can take the class 100% online, some classes are short and might end before May... Good luck everyone!