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  1. guest*Nurse

    Passed NCLEX RN on my 3rd try!

  2. guest*Nurse

    new grad RN jobs nj

    Goodluck on your new position Miss Salubrius. Where will you be working? I am an employee at MMC
  3. guest*Nurse

    Brookdale Community College ONLINE program

    Online was not any different than going to class... Other than the extra 'tips' the instructors pass along. Best advice is to get a good study group going from students in your clinical. Then you will get filled in on these tips and be able to share when you study and at clinical. Good luck to you! Brookdale is very challenging but very rewarding when you're done.
  4. guest*Nurse

    Just found over 7,000 free NCLEX-RN Flashcards!

    What an excellent resource! Thanks for sharing, I will be sure to pass it along.
  5. guest*Nurse

    Taking NCLEX-RN tomorrow

    Congrats to you on passing!
  6. guest*Nurse

    If I passed, you can pass!

    Congrats on your success! Welcome to the official world of Nursing!
  7. guest*Nurse

    Confused with new onset CHF

    There is never going to be clear cut lines in a complex case like this. You just have to think that everything may somehow relate to one another. For his CHF you say he is not currently SOB. How was he on admission ? What was the reason he came into the ER? Was he SOB then? Usually CHF patients tend to put off coming in until something happens to impair their daily living... ex: their breathing becomes impaired. Crackles shows fluid build up in their lungs... that's another sign there. They may have admitted him for CHF but that doesn't mean they won't treat other things going on with him.
  8. guest*Nurse

    Help! Failed last 2 tests...

    Goodluck! I hope you were able to turn it around and pass
  9. Hello AllNurses! Been a long time member on here and recently starting a side project that I am hoping will lead to more nursing entrepreneur opportunities. Since I was young I always worked on side projects to generate some extra income. Some more successful than others, I finally decided that it was time to utilize my nursing profession and work on something related to the field. Being as Nurses are among the most trusted and respected profession, I feel as though this is something that can take any business ideas to the next level. When I first graduated nursing school, I received gifts from friends and family all nursing related. During birthdays and holidays there are always those that get me something nursing related. It was always something really cool and unique yet every time, the person would always mention that it took them forever to find it. This sparked the idea to bring gifts ideas to once place. So I went out and I created a website geared toward unique, creative, inspirational gifts 'For Nurses'. So far it is still in its beginning stages as this is not a full time venture yet. It's just something I am doing as a side project to generate a little extra income as well as help to bring unique gift ideas to one place. I am hoping that as it grows, something else will spark from it to take the business to the next level.
  10. guest*Nurse

    For those that have done the NCSBN's review...

    I have heard great things about NCSBN. The questions seem more challenging and if you can do well on them, you have a great chance of passing the NCLEX.