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  1. I gave 3 weeks notice at my current position. My boss evidently did not take it well, and I feel like I've been treated poorly since then. I have had some drastic, last minute changes to my predetermined/posted schedule, and it interferes with my personal life (I.e. getting switched to night shift that night AS I'm getting ready for my morning shift). The blatant disrespect for my time really bothers me. It's not my problem she did not hire enough people months ago to cover for sick or resigning employees. I am a good employee, never late, I do my job well, I'm reliable. I frequently picked up extra shifts, stayed late, covered sick calls, etc. when needed. I get the feeling she is pushing me around as a form of retaliation as she never made such extreme demands before I gave notice. I am considering leaving 1 week early instead of riding out the whole 3 week notice period I gave (this would leave 3 shifts unfilled). This is an at-will employer so I technically did not need to give any notice, but I did as a common courtesy. This is also a non-union position so I'm kind of by myself on this one. If I leave before my scheduled end date, is there anything they can do to me legally? I don't want to leave on bad terms, but I will not be disrespected in the mean time.
  2. octopus510

    USF Non-RN MSN Summer 2016

    I got a call today too! Such a looooong wait, I'm so glad that's over. Woohoo!
  3. Just sent in my app for this program today! Anyone out there currently in the program or recently graduated? Has anyone else applied for this program yet?
  4. octopus510

    Are Entry Level FNP Programs worth it?

    Um scratch that, the total cost for one of the FNP programs is $156,668. Holy crap!!
  5. octopus510

    Are Entry Level FNP Programs worth it?

    Yeah I'm just really torn between the two. Well, I guess I should see where I get in first haha. The thing is that the "regular" entry level MSN route will cost about $85k and it's only 2 years. I can start working and then go back for my FNP if I choose (and it seems like there are a lot more "traditional" FNP programs that are not nearly as expensive as the direct entry ones). The direct entry FNP programs are about 3.5 years and in the $120-140k range. It's quite a bit more expensive. Not to mention the fact that you can't really work during the program and you still have to find a way to pay for rent, food, gas etc. I agree it would be nice to just knock it out and be done with school, but it's so insanely expensive and such a long program I'm starting to have doubts as to whether it's feasible or not. My other concern is the quality of a new FNP with 3.5 years of school under her belt vs. an RN with some experience who went back for her FNP license... I actually do really like school and I excel in my classes, so I don't foresee any problems with me not wanting to go back for my FNP in the future.
  6. octopus510

    Are Entry Level FNP Programs worth it?

    That's what I was thinking also. I guess either route is a good choice! :)
  7. octopus510

    Are Entry Level FNP Programs worth it?

    I am in the SF Bay Area and there are a few direct entry MSN programs that are most certainly accredited. If you Google ELMSN programs at SF State, USF, UCSF, or Samuel Merritt the programs will come up. Basically you sit for your NCLEX near the halfway point of the program and then continue on into graduate studies. Some of the longer programs offer an NP certificate and are considerably more expensive so that's why I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I have a BA, but I do not have an ADN or BSN.
  8. octopus510

    Are Entry Level FNP Programs worth it?

    Hello everyone! I am applying to several Entry Level MSN programs this year and I was wondering what others thought of entry level FNP programs. Some of the programs I am applying to award an MSN upon completion, but not an NP certificate. So here's my question...do you guys think just knocking everything out at once is a good idea or is it wise to get my MSN and then go back later for my NP certification? I think gaining some experience as a med-surg nurse would be really beneficial, but then again it's a real pain to go back to school... I'm in the SF Bay Area, btw, so I've ruled out just going back for my ADN because almost everyone wants their nurses to have a bachelor's or higher. Thanks!

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