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  1. I haven't chosen a specialty yet; I wanted a generic masters, but those are not as prevalent. I will probably end up choosing a leadership or clinical nurse specialist focused program.
  2. BSN and improved patient outcomes is not always the case. I know that specifically in my area, BSNs from select private schools, and accelerated programs are not excelling as expected. I spoke with the regional director for one of the hospitals I will apply to and she ensured me that an MSN and my background will give me a competitive edge.
  3. This is what I feared. So you recommend not adding "MSN completion date 20XX?"
  4. Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time poster! I am about to graduate from my ADN program and will start looking for a new graduate RN program soon. I have a bachelors in another field (biology) and went back to school for my ADN. Now, I want to pursue my MSN because most hospitals prefer BSNs, but I do not want to get another bachelors. A woman I spoke with from a university that I requested information from told me that hospitals prefer BSN over MSN, is this true? Thank you in advance for your input!

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