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  1. Summer 2023 University of South Alabama MSN

    I applied to the FNP program too. I talked to them a couple of weeks ago because my application status said "transcripts not received" turns out they had everything they needed and she told me I would hear something Feb 1 but I haven't seen anything ...
  2. Summer 2023 University of South Alabama MSN

    FNP! And yes, I applied to the early deadline. I'm hoping they're just a little behind and that I'll hear something by the end of the week. 🤞
  3. Summer 2023 University of South Alabama MSN

    Right, I did all that when I submitted my application and everything was verified when I submitted everything. The good news was she found the application. Not sure if it was really lost or she just didn't see it when she looked for it and if/how tha...
  4. Summer 2023 University of South Alabama MSN

    Is there a way to check online about acceptance? I know some schools have tricks to look up to see if you've been accepted or not. I called the school because on the application status page it said they hadn't received my transcripts. The girl I talk...
  5. Summer 2023 University of South Alabama MSN

    You did?! I don't have anything in my email yet! Did you get something in the mail too?
  6. Summer 2023 University of South Alabama MSN

    It looks like the end of Jan is when they usually start sending out decisions so I'm hoping we hear something sometime next week! Fingers crossed
  7. Hi! Anyone else impatiently waiting to hear from South Alabama about Summer acceptance?
  8. Arkansas State

    Hi! Has anyone gone through the MSN program at Arkansas State? Currently looking at their program but I haven’t heard anything about them. I know they don’t go to campus at all for a skills day like other schools I have looked at do, and wasn’t sure ...
  9. Spring 2023 University of South Alabama BSN-MSN

    Have you heard anything?
  10. UAB NP Summer 2023

    Wow acceptance letters are already going out?! I thought the deadline was December 1? I’m getting ready to submit my application. I was on the fence about which semester to apply for because of a possible move.
  11. UAB/ USA GPA Requirements

    That’s so exciting! Congrats! I have a 3.31, and 3 1/2 yrs of experience. Nervous that I can get in with my GPA. I wasn’t sure what the average was and how much weight is put on GPA at either school.
  12. UAB/ USA GPA Requirements

    Hi all! looking at applying to UAB and University of South Alabama for the fall for FNP. Very excited about the possibility but nervous about acceptance. I was wondering if anyone could share typical GPAs and such for those that got accepted? Th...
  13. Best Travel Companies?

    Hi! What did you wind up doing? I'm in the process of trying to pick a company
  14. Murray State 2021

    Hi! I was wanting to get a group started for those applying to Murray States CRNA program, and what everyone’s stats were if they wanted to share? Also was wondering if anyone had applied or was currently in the program and if they had any advice, th...
  15. Hi! I’m currently an ICU nurse and have been working here for 2 1/2 years. I’m thinking about going to CRNA school (if I can get in) but recently an EP lab position caught my attention. No call, weekends or holidays sounded pretty nice and the work ...