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  1. Oregon OCNE or Transfer?

    Did you end up going to Concordia I'm transferring in as a sophomore as well and wondering if you did too?
  2. Hello my name is nykesha I've applied to Concordia university in portland Oregon to be a sophomore next year and have the sophomore advantage for their nursing program, i was told there is a Admit to Major Examination and I'm pretty nervous about tha...
  3. Concordia University, Portland OR

    hi im in this exact same position and could be starting there this fall as a sophomore please share with me your experience and if going there as a sophomore helped you with getting into the upper division classes for nursing?
  4. Clark college nursing program

    yeah you should look into clark college they have a good program (: sgarcia
  5. Clark college nursing program

    thats awesome(: how long did it take you to receive your letter?
  6. Clark college nursing program

    your defiantly going to get in with 48 points thats like the max you can get and on the selection website it looks like they are accepting people with 37 points now... just wondering did you have any withdrawals on your transcript? i have like three ...
  7. Clark college nursing program

    Thank you(: what did you have when you applied?
  8. What was your gpa/points that you had when applying to clark I'm applying in two terms and I'm so nervous
  9. What was your gpa / points you had when applying I'll be applying in two terms and I'm so nervous
  10. Clark college nursing program

    Hi I'm almost done with my pre reques to apply to clarkcollege school of nursing and Im nervous just like I imagine anyone is before applying but I'm hoping some of you can make me a little less nervous I'm going to have around a 3.7 when I apply and...