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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently a second year DNP student. I've posted on here before, and got some pretty good advice regarding how to go about a DNP project from the time of acceptance to the program. Currently, I'm in somewhat of a situation as my project site contacted me pretty late into the game and told me that there was too much administrative issues to continue doing the project there. Of course, with our current pandemic in mind, it's somewhat difficult to find a site at the moment. I'm moreso looking for advice on how to find a DNP project site when you've exhausted a good amount of options. I have tried my workplace and friends with healthcare contacts. Of course my program is helping, however it seems as if the brunt of the work in terms of finding a project site is on the student. I'll certainly direct message anybody on here if needed. Just throwing out a "wide net" so to speak. Thanks!
  2. PsyPsy

    Volunteering as a TA?

    Just wanted to run an idea by individuals whom are in the same field as opposed to family members or friends. I'm currently in a DNP program, and started actually quite recently as I'm not even a semester into it yet. One factor that had particularly drew me to my program was the fact that it includes a graduate certificate in post-secondary education. With this being said, along with being a clinician I would really like to teach at the undergraduate level in the future for a variety of reasons which could make it's own post. Thus, this brings me to my question: Would it be silly to ask local colleges to volunteer as a TA in the classroom? In my undergraduate nursing program, along with a professor there was a TA in the lab portion which helped students with understanding lecture materials as well as actual nursing skills. This is what I would like to be doing for a few reasons. One being that I genuinely like to teach, however another would be gaining experience which could perhaps translate to increased teaching opportunities and connections. But, essentially I'm just a bachelor's prepared nurse at the moment and I don't know if I'd really be qualified if that makes sense? Also, the argument of time constraints with graduate school is there as well. Just wondering what other people in the field think about this. Thanks for reading everything, I know it's a lot.

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