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  1. I was a MS/Tele traveler and took time off working to get my EMT-B, and also travel. While traveling, one thing led to another and… I’m still traveling. I want to jump back into travel nursing this fall, but by then it will have been nearly...
  2. Am I too optimistic about paying off loans?

    I was on a pre-PT forum for a while, and did a lot of newbie obnoxious posting about PT schools. I had my heart set on something out of state, regardless of cost- at this point, I was completely unconcerned with debt. No one had told me how paying of...
  3. Am I too optimistic about paying off loans?

    "Also realize that a "baby nurse" is a specialty. And that more than likely the new grad positions you may find are not specialties." Thank you, this is super helpful! Oh, and by baby nurse I mean a new nurse, not NICU or anything- that's what all m...
  4. Am I too optimistic about paying off loans?

    You're right, 100k does seem awfully high, that's why I was suspicious about how easy it looked to pay off loans! I don't think I'm going anywhere as a new grad, because I want to stay with my University hospital for at least 6 months at first. I'm ...
  5. Am I too optimistic about paying off loans?

    Ok, I can see how I read that wrong. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure some of the money I make is at least going to books and fees.
  6. Am I too optimistic about paying off loans?

    I appreciate the suggestion. My travel money is for camping in the state above me, and going into in a savings fund for my trip to Israel after I graduate- I'm Jewish. That being said I respectfully disagree that traveling in college isn't smart or ...
  7. Am I too optimistic about paying off loans?

    Awesome yes, I would not have even thought of that! Plan B is staying at the hospital I'll be in and out of through my university in my upper levels until I can secure a job elsewhere.
  8. I'm a neurotic planner and I like researching the hell out of things before I commit to them (that's how I switched from physical therapy to nursing, and so glad I did). So I hear a lot, a LOT about the issue of paying back loans. I've considered may...
  9. Nursing program- should I stick with mine or look elsewhere?

    I thought capillary osmotic pressure was the pressure in the circulatory system and colloidal osmotic pressure was the pressure in the tissue. Is that wrong?
  10. Nursing program- should I stick with mine or look elsewhere?

    Their last one was 72 but the year before it was 93 and the years before that it was in the 80s. I promise I know the difference between a disorganized program and being spoon fed! They are accredited and all, but I'm wondering if it's worth the enor...
  11. I was accepted into my schools program but decided to take an extra year to finish up some classes and work on my minor. I'm going to reapply but I'm having some doubts. I am on scholarship and it will pay for half of my nursing school, so over all i...
  12. Is it still financially worth it to become CRNA?

    Ok, all these posts are making me rethink things. I'm getting my BSN with a minor in chemistry (because I really like chemistry and I'm good at it). I'm looking at about 20k in loans for my undergrad, which between working in rural areas for student ...
  13. I'm starting nursing school next fall and I am considering living alone. Right now I live with 3 other nursing students in this beautiful apartment, and we all get our own bathrooms. But the apartment is so expensive for all of us and our lease ends ...
  14. Do you have limited time after a BSN to apply to CRNA programs?

    Thanks everyone for being so helpful!
  15. -If you're not a fan of reading, in short: can I wait as long as I want after my BSN to decide on whether I want to be a CRNA or choose a different specialty? - -If you're a fan of reading and could offer any extra advise- ---------------------------...